1963 Hammond L-101 Project!


Here's the back of the organ now that the connector box is complete.


I don't have any half-moon switches around at the moment, so I dug around in my junkbox and this is what I came up with. :-)

It's a kludge, but it'll do for now. And yes, all terminals are fully insulated. Two of the original back-cover brackets from the L-101 hold an old switch-plate from an old CV, and its original run swtich. Not the most elegant thing in the world, but hey, it's just a temporary kludge... ;-)

This little organ is coming together beautifully. I cleaned all the tab switches and drawbars. It sounds nice and strong, at least it did when I put the above pics up. Unfortunately, the power supply filter caps were drying out, and now have trouble reforming after being off. The result is a pronounced 60-Hz hum that takes time to subside. I installed the main amp, vibrato amp, and percussion amp chassis from my old beater '66 L-112, making the organ usable until I rebuild the original main amp. I may rebuild the original percussion amp as well, but the later vibrato amp from the '66 is a little nicer than the original, so I'll leave that one in it. I added an AC outlet to facilitate easy changing-out of the main amplifier iin case of failure.

I also removed the original expression (volume) pedal and installed the one from the '66 in it. Post-1964 L-100 series organs used a LDR (light-dependent resistor) and a lightbulb for expression, the pedal moving a shutter in between the LDR and lamp. Pre-1964 L-100's used a potentiometer (variable resistor) for expression, which has less volume range and is prone to becoming scratchy and dirty. Now I'm getting someplace with this instrument. I added a bunch of zip-ties to make the wiring neater as well. I also moved the reverb tank 6 inches to the right, to get the pickup coil away from the AC lines at the connector box to reduce hum and noise pickup.

The L-101's Maiden Voyage

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