1963 Hammond L-101 Project!

This is a 1963 Hammond L-101 I got from a friend of mine. We went to an estate sale this morning and found it and a Leslie 125 (single-rotor two-speed Leslie often sold with spinet organs; it has no upper horn, only a 12" speaker and a wooden scoop rotor). The sellers only wanted $100 for the rig, so my friend, who owns an M-3 but no Leslie, bought it. He gave the L-101 to me in exchange for installing its Leslie kit in his M-3 and setting up the 125 with it.

I'm in the process of making a custom Leslie kit to run my 45 with it. Piece o' duck. Like nearly all Hammond spinets of that era, the AC line cord was in sorry and dangerous shape. I had an outlet box left over from a parts C-2, so I'm installing that to allow detachable line cords like my B-2 and B-3 use. Like I've always said - old Hammonds never die, they just end up in other Hammonds. ;-)

Yup, that's a used porcelain 6-pin female socket. No, I don't have any new ones. Yes, I need to spend some $$$ and get a stock of fresh new connectors going! This will do here, however. I could use a nice new soldering station as far as that goes...<sigh>

A view inside the rear of the organ. This is *after* I dusted.

A close view of the upper compartment. The left chassis is the vibrato unit, and the right chassis is the percussion amplifier.

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