Plummer Auditorium Wurlitzer

Fullerton College

Close up shot of keydesk. White strip above the upper stoprail on the back rail is to give stop indications when in MIDI mode. The stopkeys serve a dual function...access to the Etherial Division or the MIDI voices and effects. The organ is an original Wurlitzer installation of (I think) 34 ranks. It was designed as a theatre/concert organ but has been respec'ed (is there such a word???) more on theatre organ lines. The rebuild and respecification were done by Robert Trousdale who also designed the multiplexing system (the same system used on several large Chicago area instruments, George Wright's Hollywood Philharmonic Organ and the Agoura House instrument). Click the Link Below to visit the organ home page about the Plummer Auditorium Wurlitzer.

Photo & Story by John Ledwon

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