JACK DARR'S George Wright Signature Allen

The Page that Jack Built about his Allen, even More Pictures

Jack Darr of Irvine, California is the proud new owner of this beautiful George Wright Signature Edition Allen, unveiled at the 1998 ATOS convention. Jack sold his Allen 6500. He bypassed 2 generations of new Allen Theatre Organs because he didn't feel there were enough differences with respect to what he had in his 6400.

......."I always liked my (6500 Allen's) Tibias & Voxes better than the newer models. After 13 years, I was almost ready to consider a 317EX which is the large 3M console just like my 6500......BUT then came the Renaissance announcement. Sooooooo.....I have just purchased one of the new George Wright Signature 4M33R Organs that premiered at the San Francisco convention."

--Jack Darr

This is the special console that was totally secret until the unveiling at the convention........the crowd simply came unglued and couldn't believe the look of it and then the sound of it. It is patterned after the San Francisco Fox console that George Wright was so fond of, naturally not as huge thank heavens.

"There isn't ONE SINGLE ELECTRONIC sound out of Allen Organ Company's George Wright Signature Series 4M33R with Renaissance technology - one of the well known 'pipe organ bigots' at the convention was heard to say 'Well, there is hardly any reason to have a pipe organ anymore!' It was first played by Dwight Beacham from the Allen factory, and the second half of the program was a George Wright tribute expertly played by Lyn Larsen, my personal friend of 28 years."

--Jack Darr

The GW Special, installed in Jack's Home:

Visit the Allen Organ Company official page for details on the organ.

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