Now! Advertise your Organ Recordings Here On the Theatre Organ Home Page

We are pleased to announce that we are now listing recordings of CDs and cassettes online to make our reader's search for recordings of their favorite instrument easier!

If it has an organ in it, you can advertise it here. The rates are very inexpensive, $29.00 annually, negotiable renewal, plus a copy of your recording. No limit to the number of YOUR recordings listed on YOUR page for this price.

The Cover of your Album on the Net
You may Email the Webmaster. with the particulars including scans of album covers that you want included in your ad. If you do not have a scanner, we can scan the covers for you FREE if you sign up for a year's listing. Covers definately help SELL your recordings.

Acceptz-Vous des Cartes de Credit?
If you accept Credit Cards, we can fix it so the user fills in a form online and clicks to send it right to your waiting e-mail box. What could be easier. If you don't accept credit cards, we fix it so that the user can download a form ready to print and mail with their payment.

Audio Files
We can also accept audio files of your recordings. We also offer to make these from your recordings as well.

For the first time, there is now an easy way to market YOUR recordings! What better place to showcase your CD's than on the Theatre Organ Home Page, where folks on the net look at their favorite organs.

Your Recording is WEB SEARCHABLE
Why delay- get online today and list your recording on the NET where organ fans will be able to find your recording in the popular search engines.

Email the Webmaster Right Now! with any questions or to setup an account.

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