Appendix C - Bibliography, Information Resources List (printed material, folklore, interviews, etc).

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Writings and other sources of information, pertaining to the Hammond Organ and Leslie Tone Cabinet specifically, and to electronic or pipe organ lore in general. Additions or corrections welcome. Online Resources section has undergone rapid growth, may soon reside in a separate document.

Magazine Articles / New Product Reviews
Service Manuals, Books, etc.
Online Resources
Homepages, Fan Pages, etc.

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Keyboard magazine

contact info:

mail: Keyboard Magazine, POB 58528, Boulder, CO 80322
phone: 1-800-289-9919 (subscriptions); 415-655-4308 (archives/warehouse)

Keyboard Central (WWW):


mail: University Microfilms Int'l, 300 N Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
phone: 313-761-4700


title unknown, Sept/Oct 1976, p45
Michael Smokowicz (Organ Service Company) describes technique for obtaining line out signal from a Hammond
"Jimmy Smith 'These Hands Are Weapons!'"
Robert L. Doerschuck, May 1988, pp 74-78.
"Historic Masters of the Jazz Organ (Burnin' on the Big Bad B-3)"
Geoff X. Alexander with Robert L. Doerschuk, May 1989
nice history of organ jazz and players
brief discography
"The Leslie Speaker, Part I", Vintage Synths, April 1990
history, mechanical description
picture of Don Leslie (!)
"The Leslie Speaker, Part II", Vintage Synths, June 1990
more history, inner workings
list of shops/contacts
"The Hammond B-3, Part I", Vintage Synths, Sept 1991
history, mechanical description
"The Hammond B-3, Part II", Vintage Synths, issue unknown (Oct 1991?)
unknown: more history, mechanical description?
Special B-3 issue, Nov 1991
B-3 repair advice
tips on buying a used B-3
comparison reviews of various clones
"25 Hammond Licks You Must Know", Dave Amels, May 1994
short riffs, celebrity drawbar registrations
"Joey DeFrancesco / Ex-Hammond Backer Stands by the 'B'",
interview by Robert L. Doerschuck, July 1994, p12
comments about playing hammond gear
Danny Gatton, John McGlaughlin, etc.
Joey DeFrancesco, Career Update, Dec 1994, p15
Jimmy McGriff, Feb 1995, p14
comments on Hammond/Suzuki XB-3 vs stock B-3
what girls want to hear, etc.

Reviews of Clones in Keyboard Magazine:

E-MU VINTAGE KEYS, p142 - May 93
Avalanche Brianizer, Dunlop Rotovibe, & Dynacord CLS 222
Electro-Voice Fx70, Korg G4, Motion Sound Pro-3, and Voce Spin.
C.A.E. LTP 122 and Trek II UC-IA.
OBERHEIM OB-3^2 - Sep 95, p109; Nov 95, p20 (w/picture)
VISCOUNT D9E ORGAN MODULE, "Short Takes", p141 - Jan. 93
VOCE DMI-64 MARK II, "Short Takes", p143 - April 94
VOCE MICRO B, p108 - Aug. 93
Hammond Suzuki XB-2 Version 2, Oberheim OB-3,
Peavey Spectrum Organ, Viscount D9, Voce Micro B II, & Voce V3.
"ORGAN SHOOTOUT", p54 - Nov. 91
XB-2, Rhodes VK-1000, Korg CX-3, Voce DMI-64 Mark II
(as compared to a B-3)

Theatre Organ magazine

"It All Started Just 60 Years Ago - The Hammond Organ Company - A Company that Created an Industry", Len Clarke, Jan 1995, pp20-24
journal of American Theatre Organ Society
single issues avail $2.50 (where?)
"Why I Love My Hammond Organ" (This & That), Nov/Dec 1995, p42
Charles Wood critiques his Hammond from a pipe organist's point of view
...on the Theatre Organ Site

Recording-Engineer/Producer magazine

"Unearthing the Mysteries of the Leslie Cabinet", April 1981, pp130-143
Clifford A. Henricksen
"Remoting the Leslie Organ Speaker", issue unknown
Don Foster

Audio Engineering Society (AES) journal

"Design of Electronic Organs (Part 1-2)", Winston Wells, Aug-Sept 1947
"Design of Electronic Organs (Part 3)", Winston Wells, April 1948
"Design of Electronic Organs (Part 4)", Winston Wells, Sept 1948

German Keyboard magazine (in German)

bullet"The Hammond Story", ongoing series Sept 1989-Dec 1990
bulletDieter Enners
bulletSep 89: the founding of the Hammond company, Hammonds early products (clocks, bridge table)
bulletOct 89: the development of the Model "A"
bulletNov 89: the further development of the Hammond company until the 60's, marketing strategies...
bulletDec 89: the history of the Hammond company since 1960
bulletJan 90: tonewheels, drawbars, presets, Model A and AB
bulletFeb 90: Model BC, E, D, G, Player A-B
bulletMar 90: Model BV, B-2, B-3 (and recpectively the C and RT models)
bulletApr 90: the selfcontained models M, M-2, M-3, A-100, M-100, L-100, P-100
bulletJun 90: tube Leslies
bulletAug 90: E-100, E-200, E-300, H-100, X-66, HX-100
bulletOct 90: T-200, X-77, H-300, R-100, T-400, T-500 (last tonewheel organ!)
bulletDec 90: solid state Leslies

Sound On Sound magazine (U.K.)

Title unknown, Nov 1994
short discussion of rotary speaker simulators

Down Beat magazine

"Jimmy Smith Sermonizing in the '70s.". Larry Birnbaum
Dec 15, 1977, pp 22.23, 57.

Melody Maker magazine

"Jimmy Smith - The Daddy of 'em All". Bob Houston,
Feb 1965, p9.

Jazz Times magazine

"Jimmy Smith: Baron of the B-3.". April 1990, p37

Original Schematics, Service Manuals, "Official" Hammond Publications

Reprint Hammond/Leslie service manuals (+ updates) available from:
GOFF Professional
175H Costello Road
Newington, CT 06111
Tel: 203-667-2358
E-mail: (Al Goff)
Organ Service Company, Inc.
6475 Joliet Road, Suite B1 - West
La Grange, Illinois 60525
Tel: 708-352-8011
Fax: 708-482-9626

reprint service manuals for electric/electronic organs avail:
mail to Mario Mere (
Fifty Years of Musical Excellence, Hammond Organ Company, 1984
document #H000-0088365
"official" history of Hammond Company, 1934-1984
many pictures, info (incl. Solovox and Novachord)
(also visit the Hammond FAQ site), and see Online Resources, below.


Dictionary of Hammond-Organ Stops
Stevens Irwin
pub. G. Schirmer, New York, 3rd edition 1961 (orig. 1939)
intro to playing the "Hammond Electric Organ" technique, exercises (incl. pedalboard)
adaptation of common pipe organ registrations to Hammond
early 1996: this seems to be reappearing in used book shops!
Electric Organs: A Complete Catalogue, Textbook, and Manual,
Robert Eby, pub. Van Campen Press, 1953.
article on Hammond organ, pp97-104
The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, ed. Barry Kernfield,
2 vols, pub. Macmillen Press Ltd (London), 1988.
various articles related to organs, artists, etc.
Organ Technique: A Basic Course of Study, Oswald G. Ragatz (1979)
LC CALL NUMBER: MT182.R33, 78-3244
pipe organ?
Organ Playing: Its Technique & Expression, A. Eaglefield Hull (1981)
LC CALL NUMBER: MT180.H9 1981, 81-1474
pipe organ? (author lived 1876-1928)
unknown: Hammond Organ Guide for Church Music (book of music)
unknown: A Church Organist's Guide for Playing the Hammond Organ

United States Patent Office, Washington, DC 20231

RE#23,323 and 2,622,693
original patents issued to Don Leslie
"incredibly entertaining documents"


Hammondology Series, vols 1-3, Tony LaBrasca producer, 1994-5
mail: B.T. Productions, P.O. Box 81, Itasca, IL 60143, USA
www: B.T. Productions Homepage
Vol 1: history, settings, models, maint tips, ~60 min (US$29.95)
Vol 2: "Jazz" feat. Paul Wagnberg (US$34.00 video, $43.00 w/CD)
Vol 3: "Gospel" feat. Stanley Spencer (US$34.00 vido only)
reviewed in Keyboard, Oct 1994, p32 (see ad on p151).
all 3 volumes highly acclaimed

Radio Programs

Interview with Don Leslie (All Things Considered, NPR, 1991)
transcript available: National Public Radio, Audience Services, 212-414-3232
history of the Leslie company, development of the rotating speaker,
relations with Hammond company, sale of Leslie to CBS (1965)

Guide to Recordings

CD World Reference Guide
publ. CD International, P.O. Box 22014, Milwaukie, OR 97269
tel 503-652-1291, fax 503-653-6917
available at Tower Records
(also see Online Resources, below)

Online Resources

Hammond tech e-mail list
Ongoing, well-informed discussion of Hammond-related topics. Currently includes several equipment manufacturers and a number of veteran techs.
Hammond & Leslie model histories, maintenance info
postscript schematics, measured freq resp plots, etc.
service/parts vendor list, print bibliography
full archives of Hammond tech list discussion (RFC934 compliant)
related articles, info
Shop/Vendor List
techs, repair shops, equipment manufacturers, parts vendors, etc.
(available at the Hammond FAQ site)
Hammond Print Bibliography (compiled by Ben "Jacobs",
list of known Hammond-related resources, in print, video, etc
online resources list [THIS FILE!}
download the latest version... random/biblio.html
(also available at the Hammond FAQ site)
Theatre Organ Home Page ( Jerrell Kautz, Webmaster)
theatre organ info:
many Hammond images (old & new):
"EORG-L" Electronic Organ Mail List (University of South Florida)
(mail body="sub eorg-l yourfirstname yourlastname")
Basic Organ Mail list - BOM (admin Steven Luttrell,
(mail subject="basic organ mailing list")
organ discussion (Hammond, Wurlitzer, Estey, Lowry, Kimball, etc)
Commercial Products/Parts Vendors (for Hammond/Leslie gear):
Trek II Products (mod kits, parts):
B.T. Productions (instructional videos):
New/Used Gear Prices, For Sale Lists, etc (various sources):
Theatre Organ buy/sell list (+ Hammonds)
Vintage Hammond Organs Vintage Hammonds, Leslies
Trader's Connection
Useful Synth/Keyboard/Effects Info Sites (various sources):
MITA, Int'l (Musical Instrument Technicians Association)
(sources for parts, service manuals, info for many new & vintage keyboards) (info on joining MITA, member directory, conference info, etc)
Harmony Central (new products, reviews, discussion, etc)
Analogue Heaven (analog synths!)
Online CD Sales / Title Search / Information (various sources):
(also check Yahoo under Entertainment:Music)
CD Connection 408-985-8982

Artist & Organ Collector Pages:

Olaf Schjelderup's Hammond page
photos of Olaf's Hammond C3 (c.1960) & Leslie 122
detailed photos of filter cap replacement procedure, using Goff kit
Juha-Pekka Palmulaakso's Hammond page hammond1.htm
photos of cutdown Hammond L-202S (inside & out), Dynacord DC200 rotating spkr cab
Lukas Rosenthaler's homepage
GIF's, audio samples of Groove-T-Gang

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