Ken Griffin 45 R.P.M. & CD Collection
(Updated 01. 03. 09)

(09. 02. 04 All new Full-Sized 'digital' Cover Photos)

(Philips BBE 12120)

SIDE ONE -----------------------------                  SIDE TWO
I'm always chasing rainbows -----                  Red sails in the sunset
Harbour lights -----------------------                   Moonlight and roses

First copy purchased at Telemech (Aberdeen) in the 60's. Damaged by heat in the 70's. Present copy purchased at a Didcot secondhand shop on 23.10.86.

(Philips 429 070 BE)

SIDE ONE --------------------                        SIDE TWO
The Cuckoo waltz -----------                        Scatterbrain
You can't be true, dear ----          
           My dreams are getting better

Purchased at Didcot secondhand shop. 23.10.1986.

(Philips 429 185 BE)

SIDE ONE -----------------------------              SIDE TWO
Hi-Lili Hi-Lo ---------------------------              Wunderbar
Till I waltz again with you ----------
          Now is the hour

Purchased at Didcot secondhand shop. 23.10.86.

"Ken Griffin AT THE ORGAN Vol. 3"
Esquire E.P. 11)

SIDE ONE --------------------                        SIDE TWO
Leibestruam -------------------                       Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
Heavenly Hawaii ------------                        Ceilito Lindo

From Sandy Watt (Aberdeen) Sunday 25th April 1999
Purchased at a local boot (garage) sale.


Ken Griffin at The Organ

SIDE ONE                                                 SIDE TWO
You Can't Be True, Dear                         Anniversary Song
 The Anniversary Waltz                         The Cuckoo Waltz

From Mike McCormick, at the Ken Griffin Dedication
Evening, Chicago. 30.08.02.

"Ken Griffin AT THE ORGAN Vo. 4

SIDE ONE                                                SIDE TWO
Put Your Arms Around Me  Honey     Funiculi Funicula
Margie                                                       La Golandrina

From David Smith (Staffordshire).
via 06.06.03

Philips 429 668 BE

Ken Griffin

SIDE ONE                                                 SIDE TWO
In An 18th Century Drawing Room      If You Knew Susie
If You Knew Susie                                  Show Me The Way To Go Home

From 'Songs For Sale', Rotterdam Holland
Via 28.02.09

45 RPM (Singles)
(New March 2005)

Columbia 4-40093
Yah Dear
Ebb Tide

From KB'S Records, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A. 24 .03.05.
Columbia 4-40489
Black Orchid
The Bumpity Bump

From Jeann & Don Records, Labelle, Florida, U.S.A. 29.03.05. Via

MAY 26th 2005 45 rpm 

Many, Many thanks to Mike McCormick for a really great present. Eleven Columbia Extended play records, each with two tracks per side and one with three tracks each side, totaling 46 tracks in all. While I already have all of the tracks Columbia 541-3 contains six tracks played on the Hammond, whereas previous tracks are on the Wurlitzer Electrostatic (67 Melody Lane). The Cuckoo Waltz is also a different arrangement. There is also an excellent piano & organ arrangement of Twelfth Street Rag that is different from Ken's two other known arrangements. All together this adds  seven tracks 'officially into my Collection.

The EP's are all in excellent condition, with only one track, which has two serious jumps which make it unusable, but every track runs cleanly and the labels all look reasonably fresh. All have the center spindle pieces omitted which suggests that these EP's are from a set meant to be played on a Jukebox, but it is obvious that these records have never been near such a machine as they look virtually unused. 

There are no fancy or colourful record covers, just plain thin card record sleeves.

(Extended Play)

Columbia 10623
Side One                                             Side Two
Sweet Leilani                                      Red Sails In The Sunset
Blue Hawaii                                        Aloha OE 

Columbia  254-2
Side One                                              Side Two
Let Me Call You Sweetheart                Anniversary Song
Together                                               Because 

Columbia 10393
Side One                                                Side Two
You Can’t Tell A Lie To Your heart     When I Lost You
All Alone                                               The Song Is Ended 

Columbia 2007 
Side One                                                Side Two
No Other Love                                        Sentimental Journey
Half As Much                                         Oh Baby Mine 

Columbia 10423
Side One                                                 Side Two
La Golandrina                                         Little Red Monkey
Siboney                                                   April In Portugal 

Columbia 10422
Side One                                                 Side Two
Jalousie                                                   Marcheta
Until Tomorrow                                      Mexicalli Rose

Columbia 1634-2 
Side One                                             Side Two
Isle Of Capri                                        Side By Side
The Doll Dance                                  Twelfth Street Rag

Columbia 9072
Side One                                             Side Two
September Song                                 Open Up Your Heart
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight          Till We Two Are One 

Columbia 1522-1
Side One                                              Side Two
Beautiful Ohio                                     It Must Be True
The Bells Of St Mary’s                      My Pony Boy 

Columbia 10392
Side One                                              Side Two
Our Favourite Waltz                           The Girl That I Marry
Somebody Else Is Taking My Place I Can’t Do Without

Columbia 541-3
Side One                                 Side Two
The Cuckoo Waltz                 By The Waters Of Minnitonka
Narcissus                                Margie
Put Your Arms Around Me  Over The Waves


45 R.P.M. always been unable to purchase

"Ken Griffin At The Organ"
(Philips BBE 12039)

We all need love
No other love (have I)

I'm always chasing rainbows

Other Esquire EP's available in the U.K.

EP. 9 Vol. 1                    EP. 10 Vol. 2
Miss You                        Ti-pi Tin
12th Street Rag            Humoresque
If I Had You                    Half A Heart
Prune Song                   Freight Train Boogie

I missed this Venezuala'ian EP going on EBay


I think I am correct stating that the first three tracks are: 'Oh!, St Louise Blues and Isle of Capri but the fourth track evades me!. It is interesting too, that no matter what country or language Ken's records were produced it appears to have been be a CBS Publicity Dept decision to use cover photos of a pretty woman. Pleasant as this may have been, most of use would have preferred more and better photos of Ken.


Ken Griffin
At The Wurlitzer Organ

1. The Anniversary Waltz
2. When your hair has turned to silver
3. Let me call you sweetheart
4. Together
5. My Happiness
6. Remember (You forgot to)

7. Anniversary Song
8. Because

9. Wonderful one
10. It had to be you
11. Always
12. I love you truly

13. Jalous
The Lamplighter's Serenade
    15. Bumpity-Bump
    16. I Saw You (With my eyes)
    17. St. Louis Blues
Sentimental Journey
    19. Marie
Gimme a Little Kiss
    21. Barcarolle
    22. Kringle's Jingle
    23. Shepherd Serenade
Twelfth Street Rag 

Purchased from Internet Sales. 31. 07. 00. Found via the Ken Griffin Memorial Web Site:

27.11.01. My thanks to Mike McCormick of Oklahoma for sending me a copy of Ken's CD ""Waltz Favourites". I had been trying unsuccessfully to buy a copy over the Internet and Mike kindly offered me his own copy, saying that he can get another copy quite easily in his area. A very nice gesture and a very welcome addition to my collection.

Sony Music Special Products (1993) No. AAD A 23389 (DIDP 078186)


1. Flirtation Waltz-
2. The Anniversary Waltz.
3. Our Favourite Waltz
4. Are You Lonesome Tonight
5. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
6. Symphony in 3/4 Time
7. Louisiana Waltz
8. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
9. Down By the Old Mill Stream
10. The Petite Waltz

There is no information about Ken on the CD covers. All of the tracks are already in my collection but it is nice to hear them without any styli noise and with the clean and bright sound that CD's produce. Tracks 6 & 7 are as played on the LP "67 Melody Lane and were composed by Ken. .

Sony Music Special Products (1987 No. A-18738

1. You Can’t Be True. Dear                 2:44       10. Anniversary Song                        2:44
2. Cruising Down The River                2:21      11. Always                                           2:38
3. Love Letters In The Sand                1:54      12. The Girl That I Marry                   2:13
4. Sleepy Time Gal                                 2:39      13. Drifting And Dreaming                2:33
5. I Love You Truly                               2:33      14. Louise                                             2:29
6. Moonlight And Roses                     2:55      15. My Heart cries For You                2:25
7. Let Me Call You Sweetheart            2:41      16. Are You Lonesome Tonight        2:53
8. The Bells Of St. Mary’s                   2:35       17. Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart     2:53
9. Lili Marlene                                        2:46       18. Together                                        2.16

A Present from Phil Gunsul by way of a welcome to the U.S.A. on my visit for the Ken Griffin Dedication Evening on 30.08.02.  

16th May 2008.

Purchased from Jasmine Records 16th May 2008. A 2 x CD set with 52 great tracks in excellent sound quality

Disc One                                                                                                                                                     Disc Two
CUCKOO WALTZ (Jonasson) [3:05]                                                                               1.  LOUISE (Robin, Whiting) [2:30]
TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME (Von Tilzer, Norworth) [2:37]                            2.  FOR ALL WE KNOW (Lewis, Coots) [3:06]
DOODLE DOO DOO (Kassel) [2:35]                                                                                3.  THERE'LL BE SOME CHANGES MADE (Higgins, Edwards, Overstreet) [2:0]
AMERICAN PATROL (Meacham, Gray) [2:36]                                                              4.  THE SYNCOPATED CLOCK (Parish, Anderson) [2:26]
LITTLE BROWN JUG (Winner) [2:48]                                                                            5.  THE WOMAN IN THE SHOE (Freed, Brown) [2:38]
IF I HAD YOU (Shapiro, Camp, Connelly} [2:53]                                                           6.   SAN ANTONIO ROSE (Wills) [2:28]
BUMBLE BEE ON A BENDER (Griffin) [2:47]                                                               7.  BEI MIR BIST DU SHOEN (Secunda, Chaplin, Kahn, Jacobs) [2:35]
TILL WE MEET AGAIN (Whiting, Eagan) [2.55]                                                          8.  FREIGHT TRAIN BOOGIE (Delagarde, Otis) [2:33]
YOU, YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE (Leeds, Wise, Demy) [2:38]                                        9.  WUNDERBAR (Porter) [2:27]
MY BLUE HEAVEN (Whiting, Donaldson) [2:28]                                                       10.  SOMEBODY LOVES YOU (Tobias, DeRose) [3:10]
MILLER'S DAUGHTER (Unknown) [2:36]                                                                  11.  THE DOLL DANCE (Brown) [2:28]
FIVE FOOT TWO (Henderson, Lewis, Young) [2:25]                                                  12.  IN A SHANTY IN OLD SHANTY TOWN (Young, Little, Siras) [1:57]
TIGER RAG (Decosta, Edwards, La Rocca, Ragas) [2:49]                                           13.  TEA FOR TWO (Youmans, Caesar) [2:25]
IN A LITTLE GYPSY TEA ROOM (Leslie, Burke) [3:18]                                           14. JOSEPHINE (Kings, Bivens) [1:57]
SIDE BY SIDE (Woods) [2:36]                                                                                     15.  IN AN 18th CENTURY DRAWING ROOM (Scott, Lawrence) [2:58]
LIMBERLOST(Ho/t Griffin) [2:22]                                                                              16.  PUT YOU LITTLE FOOT (Right Out) (Spier) [3:07]
SHINE (Mack, Brown, Dabney) [2:10]                                                                         17.  IF YOU KNEW SUSIE (Like I Knew Susie) (De Sylva) [1:48] 
WALTZ OF THE ROSES (Bloom, Owen) [2:37]                                                         18.  CRYING IN THE CHAPPEL (Glenn) [2:27]
THE DIPSY DOODLE (Clinton) [3:07]                                                                       19.  LITTLE SALLY ONE SHOE (Winters, Coots) [2:13]
TO EACH HIS OWN (Livingston, Evans) [2:47]                                                         20.  TURKEY IN THE STRAW (Trad) [2:22]
STORMY WEATHER (Koehler, Arien) [2:37]                                                            21.  LONESOME (Griffin) [2:03]
WALKIN TO MISSOURI (Merrill) [2:38]                                                                   22.  AIN'T SHE SWEET (Yellen, Ager) [2:44]
PARADE OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS (Jessel) [2:28]                                           23.  SUNDAY (Miller, Kreuger, Cohn, Stein) [2:18]
YOU BELONG TO ME (Price, King, Stewart) [2:35]                                                 24.  DARLING, JE VOUS AIME BEAUCOUP (Sosenko) [2:32]
THE LITTLE OLD MILL (Pelosi, //da, Towers) [2:23]                                             25.   INDIANA (MacDonald, Hanley) (2:17)                      
I'M DRIFTING BACK TO DREAMLAND (Charlesworth,Harrison, Sadler) [2:51]    26.  MY PONY BOY (Heat/7, O'Donnell) [2:33]


I copied and saved the list from my search in GEMM and while there were a few 45rpm EP's with tracks I haven't got, again it was usually just one of the selection. However I must admit, I appear to be pretty close to having his full "LP" collection. But will keep searching the various web sites for something new and different.

Below are 'odd' tracks that I found in the GEMM site, most appear to be on 45rpm EP's so would think they are 'singles' with just two tracks each. I have only shown the tracks I don't have. Together they represent a nice collection but of course if purchased would be a little expensive and have as many tracks again, that I already have. But who knows! ……………

(The list of individual tracks I have been looking for and which appeared here has now been completed)

From LP 'Sweet and Lively' ---------------------From 45rpm 'At the Organ'--------From LP 'When Irish eyes are-Smiling'

"For 30 years Griffin practiced exceptionally hard to compensate for a lack of formal training. He often played far after closing hours in nightclubs and theatres. That plus many successive one-night performances across the country weakened his health, according to his brother, Kirby".  


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