(New October 2003)

These digital photographs were taken from the '67 Melody Lane Video. Using my digital projector with the VCR pictures projected to approx 4-5 feet onto the 6 foot screen.. All the pictures were taken hand held, simply pointing the digital camera at the screen and clicking the shutter button as gently as possible. Squaring up and cropping was done on my computer graphic programme. Not perfect by any means but I hope that this makes up for the sad lack of pictures of Ken in the public domain.

         Opening Title                                   Opening Close-Up                        Martha the Housekeeper

Stirling, Kathy & Ken                                 Stirling (Agent)                                   Kathy (Secretary)

Marge Meinert

 Sonny and Ken

Ken at the keyboard

Martha & Kathy                                                                                                  Ken & Stirling

Johnny Carter and Joe Negri

Ken meets Marlene

Close-Ups of Ken 

Ken at the keyboard

N.B. Please note that these photos are copyright and should not be used outside this web site except as 'personal' copies on your own computer. Please ask for permission if you find other uses for them.



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