I took this one of Andy while he was showing me around
his home  area at Diversey, Chicago in 2004. This is at
the entrance to the Elk National Building a short walk
from Andy's home.

I first met Andy in October 2002. I was giving thought to setting up a Dedication Show to the late American organist Ken Griffin
after the web site I had set up became quite active, with people from all over the World.

Andy's name was mention as a possible candidate and was given his email address. Being in the UK I had no idea who he was nor
nor he, I.  However, we struck it off from the start and I found him a very interesting and friendly individual who understood what
was being proposed and how to go about. Things came together very quickly as he arranged other Ken fans who could play the
Hammond Organ like Ken
to get involved. Before I knew it a venue was booked up and a date and time set. Ken's Nephew, Kirby
Griffin and his sister, -------- along with Kirby's son, Kerry who had flown from Oregon to attend the event. I was expecting there
just to be this one even but we managed to have  

Andy and mother, Pat. Taken during the Ken Griffin Dedication Show after lunch in October 2004.
Sadly we lost Andy's mother only a short time before Andy. Very sad to have lost them both in
such a short time of each other. Pat was in her 90's while Andy was just 72. 

Left: Andy. Resting at home and enjoying the gathering after the Ken Griffin Dedication Show in October 2006.

Right: Agroup photo at the gathering. Eric Larson, Sally White, Andy,  Kurt Armsden and Myself. October 2003.

Andy on A train in South Wales and at the home of his Welsh friend.  (28th Aug. 2008)

Steven Anderson - John Taylor and Andy in South Wales.

Farewell, dear friend it was nice to have known you.

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