19th April 2008

Arbroath 'Aberbrothock, meaning "at the mouth of the Brothock", the stream which runs through the town

A large and quite attractive church just outside the Abbey Ruins.


The Abbey was founded in 1178 by King William the Lion and is known for holding the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

The entrance to the Abbey. You enter and pay in the modern shop and information centre on the far right.

The South gateway.


Left: The more modern church seen through the south gateway arch.  Right: South building

Abbott's Home

The Abbot's House

West Gateway

East Ruins

West Ruins


East Ruins                                                                                         West Ruins

Here is an interesting video of inside the Abbey as found on YouTube:

The Old Brewhouse Pub by the north end of the harbour

The north coastline from the harbour. I didn't realise the importance of the two figures in the distance by the end of ther white building.

The South coastline from the harbour

One of the numerous Arbroath 'Smokies' fish houses

One of the numerous Arbroath 'Smokies' fish houses


An Aberdeen boat in for a repair or two

Arbroath Signal Tower (Museum)

Wartime concrete blocks still in use.

Arbroath Lifeboat Station

Arbroath Signal Tower (museum)

Arbroath Signal Tower (museum)

Unexpected 'Sad' Experience

My attention was taken with the possiblity of a nice picture of the distant coastline but when I walked to the end of the narrow street
I came across a service to the murdered Lithuianian woman, Jolanta Bledaite.

Four-year-old Millie Smith and her mother Sue, who have looked after Jolanta's interests and of her family since the discovery of the murder.
Millie scattered the stones upon the beach. Sue has had threats to her life over helping imigrants to the area.

The Priest Kevin Golden taking the service

View of the beach where they scattered some stones from Jolanta's Bledaite's home ground in Lithuania

Wide view of the 200 or so people who attended the service.

TV Cameraman

I caught the evening news once back in Dundee and it was interesting seeing the service and people as I experienced it.
I could make out where I was standing but the images were edited, just missing me out.

The view that took me down the side street in the first place. Looking north towards Montrose.




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