(11th June 2018)

By Bill Reid.


From the Chippenham station and junction onto the branch is cut off from public use. From the station entrance turn left
onto Cocklbury  Road and keep walking until you come to the junction with Darcy Close (On the left). Walk to the end
of Darcey Close and youcome to the opening onto the branch track bed then head southwards to Caln. 

Chippenham station. The road you walk , CocklburyRoad, to get onto the track bed is seen to the far left.

The remains of the Caln branch bay platform. North end of Chippenham station.

A DMU for Caln takes the junction and curve ont the branch at the north endof Chippingham station. (Author Unknown).

On the track bed at the end of Darcy Close. Left: Looking along the track bed to Caln Junction.       Right: Start of the walk souhwards towards Caln.



Cocklebury Lane bridge.





Bridge over the River Avon.

Left: View westwards.                                                                                                                                   Right: The river Avon. Eastwards.

The river Avon, looking westwards. The metal foot bridge that replaced the original railway bridge.





View westward.

Chippenham in the distance. Westwards.

Farm crossing south of Cocklebury.








Left: Chilvester Hill.  Right: Stanley Lane overbridge.


Stanley Lane over bridge.

You would be looking at the Halt platform and builings on the left starting immediately from
the bridge entrance. Looking southwards.

The platform was to the right. Looking back towards Chippenham.

You have to leave the track bed here and walk along the road for the entrance
back onto the track bed.

Coming off the track bed at the site of Stanley Bridge Halt turn left and walk down the road for a way until you come to the opening for getting back onto
the track bed for Caln.


Photos of when the halt was in use, over the years.

Stanlay Bridge Halt in Push-Pull days.

Authors Unknown


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