Clifton Road & Great Northern Road

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Hadn't noticed this building in Cattofiled Place before. I thought it was a school but it looks as if the Water Department has it.
What was it originally?



Cifton Road East and Great Northern Road. The modern bus shelter stands where the wooden tram shelter and the 'wally'
(now at the Duthie Park) stood.
I remember standing on this triangle a number of times in the old shelter waiting for a tram after coming
out of the Astoria cinema.

Art Deco design! You either loved it or hated it.

The group of buildings on the north side of Gt. Northern Road, at Kittybrewster really look shabby.
Perhaps it is best that they will be demolished before long. However this was a very industrious corner
with a good mix of shops, workshops, garage etc. The Aberdeen-Inverurie Canal ran behind this building.

Ann Street To Hutchion Street

Broadford works is still empty. Perhaps it will become flats just as the main building has become.

It's the last thing you would have expected from this massive building but it appears to have been transformed into very nice homes.

ExWorks Marbley Street.

The tall chimney, looking towards Mounthooly.

Decorative Victorian Sewer Vent.

The old Hutchion Street Station building.

Ex Hutcheon Street Station Bulding and Vent.

From No. 2 tunnel loking towards Woolmanhill.

A Telephoto shot from the same spot.

Maberley Street, Charlotte Street To John Street

Derelect works still awaiting refurbishment, of some sort. Perhaps the windows at this end of the building are too small to be acceptable for flats!

At the time of taking this next two photos I wasn't aware that there had been a Police Station
at the corner of  Craigie Steet and Charlotte Street until reading about it on this formum a few days back.

Looking down Craigie Street to George Steet. The Grand Central Cinema was directly ahead.
The opposite corner from the Police Station also looks as if it may have contained a shop of some sort! Anyone know?

Ex Trades SCholl, Charlotte Street.

Interesting Spire and stone work.

A sad sight indeed. The empty space where the City Cinema stood.

The entrance from George Street was quite deep and proves why it always
seemed to be a longish walk to get into the cinema,  and especially upstairs
to the balcony.

This group of shops is also quite new. The building is in breeze block rather than granite. However, it looks
 reasonable enough and blends in with the surroundings.  You can see the markings on the end of the four storie building,
which suggests that there was a three storie buiding here before the new shops.




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