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David Cross at the Hoyts Regent Theatre, Melbourne, 1964.                                           David at a Wurlitzer ES model 4800 in 1964

                       Cinema North Reservoir a Melbourne suburb in 1975. The organ was a Blackett and Howden ex Princes Theatre North Shields, controlled by a Christie console ex Lyceum Sydney.

David's Hammond Organ. He has four or five Hammonds at his home.

David At The Hammond Organ.

David at the organ and accompanied by drummer Gerald Kavanagh. Note the Lesley speaker and the recording equipment.


From Bruce McLean.
Hello Bill,
                 This morning I visited David Cross who lives not too far away from us.  He has a special room next to his house for his music and being in a rural area, he does not
have next door neighbours to worry about when he plays “cathedral”levels on his organs.  His house is full of Hammonds.  I think I counted at least five and he has recently
donated one to a Bendigo nursing .
I spent about two hours listening to his wonderful playing and his drummer, Gerald.   David played quite a few of Ken Griffin’s well known tunes but didn't try to emulate Ken.
To my mind, his Cuckoo Waltz and La Golondrina were very close.
David and Gerald often play at nursing homes and I believe they are very popular.  Davis also has a massive library of music in all forms as well as reel to reel tape recorders
and all the equipment you need to transfer onto CD’s or tapes.   It was a lovely experience.   We followed up with lunch at the sports club which made for a perfect day.
The attached photos will give you an idea of the extent of his interest.
Hello Bill,
David Cross has forwarded me this photo of himself playing the organ at Hoyts Regent Theatre, Melbourne, 1964.  I think this is the same Wurlitzer as the tracks by Stanfield
Holiday that I sent you a long time ago.
From David.
Hi Bill,
I met Bruce McLean last night and learnt of his interest in the late Ken Griffin, I told him I had the original Rondo recording of his cuckoo waltz backed by you can't be true
dear, which was my inspiration to learn to play organ.

I am now 77 and have played professionally at Melbourne's Regent Wurlitzer plus many years in restaurants and pubs on electronic's. I have at the moment 5 old Hammonds
and still play at some of our  nursing homes. I must credit Ken Griffin's records with his clean style for my musical career. Bruce put me on to your site on the web, which I
am enjoying very much.
My interest has been in Theatre Organ, I being founding member of Theatre Organ Society of Australia Victorian Division in 1960.
Cheers for now David Cross.
My thanks to David for allowing us to use some of his mp3's to listen to his playing. Here are six very nice examples of David's playing style.
01   I Can't Give You Anything But Love    Cinema North Reservoir, Melbourne  Blackett & Howden
02   Hawiian Love Lilt                                Regent North Reservoir;  Blackett & Howden
03  Gershwin Medley                                Regent North Reservoir;  Blackett & Howden
04  Makin' Woopee                                  Regent North Reservoir;  Blackett & Howden
05  Rosery                                                 Regent Adelaide  Wurlitzer
06  Old Man River                                    Regent North Reservoir;  Blackett & Howden


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