22nd April 2008 

I finally made it to Dunnottar Castle last week while staying in Dundee. However, I was content that would have to walk there but having taken the train into Stonehaven I found
that there is an hourly bus service to within a couple of hundred yards from the site. The 107 bus runs from Aberdeen to Montrose. While it is under two miles to the site the 107
takes a torcherous route around Stonehaven before finally getting onto the mainroad at Fettersesso. I walked into the town centre only to find that the 107 stops outside the
Station Hotel. This wouldn't have mattered if I had a long day but having missed a bus as I walked towards the town centre there was an hour to wait for the next one and that
reduced my time considerably, not being helped by the long detour getting there. However, I enjoyed the hour or more that I had at Dunottar Castle. It's a fantastic place with
breathtaking views all around.

The bus departs from Stonehaven centre on the hour and back from Dunnottar at two minutes past the hour until the 15.02 bus then times change to nearer half past the hour.

The road sign directing you to the car park and start of the long and steep walk down to the Castle. There is a long steep staircase
with an equally steep staircase up to the actually entrance  to the castle where you pay to get in. The entrance fee is £5. You need
to take this steep drop  and the heavy climb back into consideration if you have any walkiing difficulties.

This is the colourful site map that you will find just inside the castle grounds.

On the path from the road to the castle. This scene hides the steep drop just ahead and the steps down to the castle. Another
path goes off to the right taking you to another magnificent view of the Castle and South Bay past the waterfall.

he castle and Gorge.

The waterfall seen from the footpath.

Wide angle view of the waterfall and gorge.

The Castle and coast line.

The Castle on the rocky crag.

The Castle Keep and Stables on the rocky crag.

The steep drop and stairway to the castle entrance. With Stonehaven Bay in the background and North Bay in the centre.


Left: The steep drop and stairway to the castle entrance. There is a seat at the halfway point.
Right: The West Wall.

The West Wall.

South Bay.

South Bay.

The Castle and Gorge.

The Castle and Gorge.

South Bay.

North Bay.

The Silver House and North Range.

The Tower House Or Keep.

The Smithy. Interesting arched entrance.

The Smithy

The Chapel.

The Chapel and entrance.

The Chapel interior (east)

The Chapel interior (west)

The Systern, North Range and Cellars

The Systern.

The West Range.

The Whig's Vault.

The Whig's Vault interior.

Rock Face on the north side of the castle.

Wideangle view of North Bay and the Monument on the hill towards Stonehaven.

34Wideangle view of North Bay

The Entrance and exit path and the hidden drop, to the right.

The Entrance and exit from the castle with it's steep drop down some
stairs, just out of view.


Left: The Castle Storehouse.                                                         Right: Waterton's Lodging (Whoever he was)!

The Silver House and West Range



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