Update 10th April 2003


            On April 6, 2003, Frank Pugno performed a concert at The Beautiful Sound, Inc. of Countryside, Illinois on the Allen George Wright Signature IV Theatre Organ.  The performance was sponsored by the Musicville Organ Club. 

                The Allen George Wright Signature IV Organ is an electronic organ that uses tone sampling to achieve the sounds of a theatre organ with all of its richness and tonal variations.  This organ was the combined effort of the Allen Organ Company and the late George Wright, and is the equivalent of a 28 rank instrument.  There are four manuals (Solo, Orchestral, Great and Accomp.) and a 32-note AGO-type pedalboard (down to 32’).  All four families of organ tone are amply represented in all divisions and the percussion stops speak with a clarity that has to be heard to be believed.  Groups of stops producing a particular tone are at various degrees of brightness and volume allowing numerous nuances to the registration.  Rare on electronic organs are the Second Touch stops.  Tremulants are separated into stop groups just like the old theatre organs.  The organ also includes ample thumb pistons and toe studs with 15 levels on the combination action.  The reverberation system gives that “big room” sound so important to pipe organ simulation.  The organ not only sounds, but reacts like a pipe organ.  There is the slightest delay, just as real pipes do.



Text:       Frank Pugno
Pictures: Gary Smicklas


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