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(29th Sept 2015)


The Arnage station site was a little dissapointing but I continued on for the final streach of my walk to Ellon. It was into late afternoon and while the sun
was still bright and the sky clear the light was getting warmer and with the Sun much lower started to give very dark shadows. I had to think about
exposures a bit more and also shutter speeds. It remained a beautiful afternoon right up until Sunset. The countryside between Arnage and Ellon
is very pleasant.

Just south of the station site. Left: The track is on the left with the path dropping down to where an over bridge had been demolished, to come level with the road crossing.
Right: The path dropping towards the crossing, with the station entrance road on the right.

Right: Southwards towards Ellon. The track bed at higher level on the left.

There is still a station sign by the old entrance to the station from the main road.

The south side of the demolished bridge at Braemo.                                                   Right: On the south side, looking back to Arnage station site.

Left: The Ebrie Burn running southwards.                                                                            Right: Scenery to the west.

A farm access over-bridge. Towards Ellon.

Left: Towards Arnage.                                                                               Right: Towards Ellon.

Left: View to the north west of the track bed.                                                   Right: The embankment towards Ellon.

A perfect harvesting Day. Between Arnage and Ellon. Northwest view.

Looking alomg the track bed towards Arnage.

A old Mill access overbridge.


A ganger's hut.







Left: A mile post without milage number.                                                                         Right: Towards Ellon.

Left: Towards Ellon.                                                                                              Right: View on the west side of the track bed.

Left: Back towrds Arnage.                                                                                            Right: Approaching the site of a demolshed over bridge.

Demolished over bridge site, to the west of Inverebrie.

Left: On the main road, looking eastwards.                                                                                         Right: Towards the west.


Left: West side o the Ex bridge with the path leading back onto the south side of the track bed.       Right: Back up on the track bed heading southwards.

Around 17.00 and the sun had started to become very low giving very hard shadows and loss of light in the cutiings and especially durin the lasy few photos leading
up to Ellon Station.

Left: Walker, dropping down to road level by the Ex Overbridge  Right: Towards Ellon..

Let: Northwards to Arnage.                                                                                  Right: Southwards to Ellon.


Another Ganger's hut. It's in very poor condition.

Ganger's Hut, on the Up side of the track bed. Towards Arnage.

Overbridge on the road near Cookston .


From here to Ellon the way became quite wet in places and at times may become impassible.


A farm access bridge, to the north of Ellon. Left: South face. Right: North face of the bridge towards Ellon.


Farm access overbridge that leads to the A948 on the northern edge of Ellon.

Left: Towards Ellon. This was very wet. The people up ahead turned back from this spot.                      Right: Towards Arnage.

On the fnal quarter of a mile up to Ellon Station site. The northern perameter of Ellon.


Left: Back towards Arnage. Right: The present day opening too and from the track bed from Commecial Road.

Left: Back towards Arnage. Right: The Up platform edge is in view up ahead. When working this would have shown the points curving off to the left to enter the
Boddam side of the island platform and also into the Goods Yard. The large station building on the platform would also have been in view.

Left: Final curve leading up to Ellon Station. The remains of the large water tank is within the trees to the right. There was also a spur too and from a turntable.
Right: The Up platform, that was an island platform, on the left, with flats built right up to the edge of the down platform. The east face of the island platform was
used by the Boddam branch trains up until 1948. When this station is reopened (from Dyce) it is most likely the island platform that will be refurbished for use.


ELLON STATION Photos (From Ellon To Boddam Walks)


The end of a very long day's walking but very enjoyable. There is a good half mile walk to the town centre and I arrived at the bus stop with just a 20 minute wait for the next
bus into Aberdeen. The walk sarted at 09.20 and I arrived at Ellon Station at 17.43and with an Aberdeen bus due at 18.10 I arrived in Aberdeen at 18.35 and with only
a few minutes wait for my bus back to where I was lodging, I arrived back at 19.10, making it a full 12 hour day's outing.


Railscot: Excellent web site on Scotland's railways. Maps, photos and historical details.


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