My thanks to Byron Young of Iowa for letting me know that a new CD by Ken is on the market. Sony (Japan) have published 'Hawaiian Magic', which includes Andy Nelson on Steel guitar. You will find some internet addresses below.  Check them out but, also ask at your local dealer and let them know the CD is available.  If WE want to see more Ken CD's made available then WE really do have to let our local Record/CD dealers know that WE are interested.

As this CD has been produced by Sony (Japan) it proves that they are aware of Ken's continued popularity and that Ken's 'Master' recordings are still in store and that further CD's can be produced. However, they do need to know that there are enough people interested to make their production economical and YOU can help by going out and buying a copy in greater numbers. Don't forget to mention the Web Site and the Ken Griffin Organ Society, including our Annual Dedication Show. 

A Google search found that Amazone.com  and Songsearch.com are selling it at around $36.98 not including postage, which sounds a little overpriced for a single LP conversion! However Frank Pugno writes.....

''Hi Bill, 
    I found this and ordered the Hawaiian Magic CD from them in Japan.  I used the lowest delivery and it is only costing me $19.22, the cheapest I found.  That is with shipping.  They gave me 100 points which applied to a discount which lowered the price, but it was stated in yen, so I don't know what the actual figure was, but my discount was 100 yen.   I saw prices on the net at $36.98 just for the CD, before shipping and handling.  It's only a 33 minute CD.  Just wanted Ken's fans to know.''


What better way could we have of letting Sony (Japan) know that we want more Ken' CD! I hope that you will all buy a copy.

Reports from those who have already purchased a copy is that the service from Sony/Japan is very fast and you gain a price bonus with your very first purchase. Definitely the cheapest source. and NOW even cheaper than Frank's price mentioned above.




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