Ken composed a fair number of tunes, which featured in his recordings. For Christmas and New Year 2011 here is all the tracks that I know of. If you know of others please let me know. Best Wishes for 2010.

Heavenly Hawaii and Lonesome are the same tunes as is Kringle's Jingle and Whistler's Jingle, the latter was probably produced for a none seasonal arrangement. Ken made the new arrangement of Lonesome in memory of his father. Bumblebee On A Bender was Ken's competition with Flight Of The Bumble Bee. Hawaiian Echos is a Hammond arrangement of the tune which appeared in 67 Melody Lane on the Wurlitzer Electrostatic organ. Freight Train Boogie also featured in 67 Melody Lane (Sonny's dance) and again this is a Hammond organ arrangement.

Juke Box Polka and Oh Ma Kodi Polka are unusual in that they don't quite fit Ken's organ style and are rather frivolous but they are short and snappy. Limberlost is, as the name implies a rather wistful little number and one of the few times that Ken included a rather frivolous overplay. However he can be forgiven as it really matches this very charming melody.

Louisianna Waltz is one of those numbers that sounds nice whichever way it is played. I'm surprised that we never heard more of this tune from other artists. Here it is played on the Wurlitzer  as for 67 Melody Lane but Ken did record a much heavier arrangement on the Hammond. 

Symphony in 3/4 Time is also a very pleasing tune, which Ken plays very straight, on the Electrostatic Wurlitzer. Griffin Blues is one of Ken's finer compositions and arrangment with a touch of Jazz to it. This is one of my favourites and quite similar to Apple Blossom Wedding. 

While Ken didn't compose You Can't Be True, Dear he did compose the bridging section as well as the lyrics to go with it.

Hope you enjoy the selection.

  Bumblebee On A Bender       Freight Train Boogie        Hawaiian Echoes       Heavenly Hawaii       Juke Box Polka

  Kringle's Jingle                       Limberlost                       Lonesome                 Louisianna Waltz      Oh Ma Kodi Polka 

  Symphony In 3/4 Time           Griffin Blues                    Whistler's Jingle         You Can't Be True Dear

WAV Cleaned tracks at 128 kbps.
N.B. Copyright possibly still stands on the Music, if not on the actually recording.




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