Ken's Latest Audio CD Collection List
(As at April 2022)

SUBMARINE RECORDS (Ken Griffin CD Sales Page) (Click here to purchase).


Subarine Records 'click' again.  Twenty eight sweetly played tracks very nicely digitalized to CD.

Don't forget to read Tony Nobb's  interesting comments on the inside of the label.




Submarine have done another excellent job refreshing the 30 tracks on this CD. Lots of my favourites in this selection. Nice to see "Black Orchid" on a CD. Ken produced two recordings of
this tune which was also known as "I Saw You" (With My Heart), Both recordings appear to be identical to each other. Composed by "Doc" Swain who also composed one of Ken's finest
arrangements for the organ "My Best To You" which  also appears on this CD. Doc Swain was a dentist by trade and also a composer of many great songs and became a friend to Ken. He
lived into his 90's.

You wont be disappointed in this fine collection that all sound very good.




Twety nine tracks of Ken's finest recordings. Submarine Records have doe anothe excellent job of binging even more of Ken's music into the 21st Century.

From Submarine Records, 13. Gardenia Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex, England, EN1 21A.9 Tracks.

"Live On The Air" CD


38 tracks from Radio Transcriptions. Special shorter arrangements of Ken's well known numbers made for 10-15 minute programmes or in-fills when radio stations required
to fill gaps between programmes. You will know and may have most of the tunes already but here they are simpler arrangement without many of the enhancements normally
made on his commercial recordings and as you woud hear in his live performances. All on the Hammond organ in Ken's interesting style.

From Submarine Records, 13 Gardenia Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 2JA. England, U.K.

No prices stated. Check at:


Another excellent audio CD collection of Ken's recordings and just in time for Christmas. 30 tracks all on the Hammond Organ.
From Submarine Records, 13 Gardenia Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 2JA. England, U.K.

No prices stated. Check at:




Another excellent 2 x CD collection of Ken's recordings. 62 tracks all on the Hammond Organ.
From Submarine Records, 13 Gardenia Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 2JA. England, U.K.

Prices:  U. K. £11.99 + £1.50 postage.

Europe: 14..40 Euros + 4.40 Euros postage.

USA: No prices stated. Check at:

With thanks to Brian Wessell who explained that he purchased the CD set via Amazon at $20 with shipping.



15. 02. 13. Bryon Young writes:

Found this CD on available for pre-order––to be released April 16. Hope the transfers are good!

Those I marked (???) are not in your discography or Don Boudreaux's and I am not familiar with the tuneBaby Rocks On (unless they have the wrong title for
Happy Birthday Medley from Broadcast Records.

Also Have You Ever Been Lonely, although I know the tune, is not in the discographies, either.

Bill: I suspect that you are correct about Baby Rocks On. Happy Birthday it appeared on this page as a playable mp3 file some while back, along with another
less known/used track by Ken, My Life's Story.

I do have a copy of Ken playing Have You Ever Been lonely, which is on a Broadcast  78. The B side is either Do You Ever Think Of Me or My Life's Story,
if I have the tracks in successive  order. The reason I have missed this for theDiscology is that it is on a CD of 78's that was sent to me when this Web Site
started and with all the other tracks being in my 'official' collection it didn't show up when forming the Discology.  I will put this right once I know the record
it belongs to.

There is nothing new in the CD set but it will be interesting hearing what the tracks sound like and whether they have received any professional remastering.

It is interesting noting that the B&W photo of Ken that I received from Kirby Griffin back in the late 50's, early 60's has been used on the front cover and has
received some very nice colouring via a computer graphicprogramme.

I couldn't get anywhere with the Amazon link above. I found the CD set by tying in the CD name into Amazon's web site and found that you can only request
to be informed
when the CD's are ready for sale...

Click on this link: The Wizard Of Chicago CD Set.


1. Ballad To A Lovely Lady                                                          1. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
2. Sentimental Journey                                                                   2. College Days Medley
3. Darktown Strutters Ball                                                             3. Margie
4. Melody In F                                                                               4. The Donkey Serenade
5. Bummel Petros                                                                           5. The Whistler And His Dog
6. That Naughty Waltz                                                                   6. Tipi-Tin
7. The Griffin Blues                                                                        7. Souviner Waltz
8. Apple Blossom Wedding                                                            8. Twelfth Street Rag
9. Indian Love Call                                                                          9. Heavenly Hawaii

10. Red Wing                                                                                   10. Sentimental Me
11. A Gay Ranchero                                                                        11. Music, Music, Music

12. Oh! Why Did I Kiss That Girl?                                                12. Stardust
13. Lazy River                                                                                 13. The Wedding Of Lilli Marlene
14. Lili Marlene                                                                               14. Half A Heart
15. Do You Ever Think Of Me?                                                     15. Bautiful Wisconsin
16. St. Louis Blues                                                                          16. Funiuli Funicula
17. Mickey                                                                                      17. Ceilito Lindo
18. Missouri Waltz                                                                         18. Beerbarrel Polka 
19. Blond Sailor                                                                               19. Wabash Blues
20. Hawaiian Echoes                                                                       20. Jumping Beans
21. Glow Worm                                                                               21. Santa Lucia
22. Every Little Movement                                                             22. Under A Red Umbrella
23. Barcarolle                                                                                   23. Love Was The Cause Of It All
24. Have You Ever Been Lonely? (???)                                           24. You Didn't Want Me When You Had Me
25. Cuckoo Waltz                                                                            25. Bayadare
26. Baby Rocks On (???)                                                                 26. Your'e My Love Song
27. My Isle Of Golden Dreams                                                       27. Someday You'll Want Me To Want You
28. The Prune Song                                                                          28. Leibestraum

29. You Can't Be True, Dear                                                            29. Miss You


According to Bryon this set has been set-up by Tony Nobbs, who dealt with Jasimine records to produce the ealier CD set but is now dealing with another company. Apparently Jasmine
didn't wish to progress with Ton'ys plans for producing more CD's by Ken. It looks as if the tracks on this latest CD set are from the selectionof  recordings I sent Tony when he first
considered producing new CD's of Ken's records.


Alan Ashton has a very intersting internet radio station going over at Organist's web site. It is a monthly programme changing on the 1st of each month. Alan introduces old and new recordings in a very pleasant manner and his enthusiasm and knowledge comes through. Check this month's programme out at: Organ 1st Radio Alan's July 2008 programme included two tracks from the CD Set, whicht is selling extremely well. In the September 2008 programme Alan introduced our great Ken play-a-like organist Eric Larson and played a couple of his recordings. Be sure to tune in on the 1st of each month. Click on the Organ 1st Radio link, above.



"Drifting & Dreaming" REXX 334. 2 x CD by Ken will be availabe from the 22nd June 2009. Another 50 great recordings, which I am sure will contain your favourites and possibly a good few tracks that you have never heard before. Click on the photo to go to web site for full details. Price: £8.95.




"SKATE ON"  This Best Seller is still available at Jasmine's Store. Click On photo.



                         Hawaiian Magic CD available  (Click here) 


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