Ken Griffin Collection (10 inch L.P's)
(Updated 22. 04. 2006)

(09. 02. 04 All new Full-Sized 'digital' Cover Photos)


(Philips BBR 8080)


SIDE ONE                                                           SIDE TWO
I'm Lost in the clouds                                        April in Portugal
In the chapel in the moonlight                         Sentimental journey
Half as much (If you loved me)                       Oh baby mine
Till I waltz again with you                                 I need you now
Ebb Tide                                                              I don't know why

Purchased, 1961 (Bruce Millers, Aberdeen) 

(Philips BBR 8012)


SIDE ONE                                SIDE TWO
Cruising down the river                                 Swanee River
On the banks of the Wabash                        Lazy river
Red River Valley                                             Moonlight on the Colorado
Down the river of golden dreams                 O'l Man river

Purchased February 1961 (Bruce Millers, Aberdeen) 

(Philips BBR 8122) 


SIDE ONE                                                       SIDE TWO
Love letters in the sand                                The girl that I marry
Whispering                                                     You can't tell a lie to your heart
I'm Confessing (that I love you)                  All alone
Isle of Capri                                                     When I lost you
Somebody else is taking my place               The song is ended

Purchased while on holiday in Dundee in 1960

(Philips BBR 8066)


SIDE ONE                                SIDE TWO
When Irish eyes are smiling                          Galway bay
I'll take you home again, Kathleen                Danny boy
Mary's a grand old name                                Peggy O'Neil
Where the river Shannon flows                    Mother Machree

Purchased February 1961 (Bruce Millers, Aberdeen) 

(Columbia 33S 1037)


SIDE ONE                                                     SIDE TWO
Let me call you sweetheart                         Louise
The syncopated clock                                All Alone
Always                                                          In an 18th century drawing room
Sleepy time gal                                             Side by side
Because                                                        When your hair has turned to silver

Purchased while on holiday in Dundee in 1961

(Philips BBR 8093)


SIDE ONE                                                   SIDE TWO
El Choclo                                                     Jalousie
Yours                                                           Until tomorrow
Green eyes                                                  La Golondrina
La Paloma                                                    Sibony

Purchased 1961 (Aberdeen)


(Rondo RLP - 27)


SIDE ONE                                                  SIDE TWO
You, You, You, Are the one                     Ting-A-Ling (Waltz of the bells)
Five foot two (eyes of blue)                     Skater's Waltz
The Miller's daughter                                Take me out to the ball game
You're my love song                                  By the waters of Minnitonka

                                      (Pink Transparent Vinylite)

Bought via the Internet. From Worldwide Wax, Tim Barron,
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. (17 03.99).


(Rondo RLP - 25)

SIDE ONE                                                  SIDE TWO
You Can't Be True, Dear                           If I Had You
Doodle-Doo-Doo                                      Cuckoo Waltz
Polka Pops                                                  Little Brown Jug
Ciribiribin                                                    Bumble Bee On A Bender

A Present from Mike McCormick of Oklahoma. (12.07.03).


(Rondo RLP - 33)


SIDE ONE                                                SIDE TWO
Someday                                                   Beautiful Wisconsin
Tiger Rag                                                  Till We Meet Again
Souvinir Waltz                                         Yes Sir That's My Baby
Sentimental Me                                        Love Was The Cause Of It All

From Vic Hammond, Arizona, Via Ebay (29.12.04).


The Wizard Of The Organ

(Rondo RLP - 34)

(Pink Transparent Vinylite)

SIDE ONE                                                    SIDE TWO
Donkey Serenade                                        Wedding Of Lilli Marlene
American Patrol                                            Lady Of Spain
Casey Jones                                                  Neapolitan Nights
My Blue Heaven                                          After The Ball

From Vic Hammond, Arizona, Via Ebay (29.12.04).

The Wizard Of The Organ

(Rondo RLP - 43)

SIDE ONE                                                 SIDE TWO
Twelfth Street Rag                                   Prune Song
The Whistler And His Dog                    Sentimental Journey
Humouresque                                           Freight Train Boogie
Santa Lucia                                               La Paloma

From Vic Hammond, Arizona, Via Ebay (29.12.04).


(Broadcast 33-606)

(Pink Transparent Vinylite)

SIDE ONE                                                SIDE TWO
Do You Ever Think Of Me                     Till We Meet Again
Every Little Movement                           Lazy River
Prune Song                                               Ballad To A Lovely Lady
Happy Birthday                                       Blond Sailor

From Vic Hammond, Arizona, Via Ebay (29.12.04).

The Wizard Of The Organ

(Rondo RLP - 38)

SIDE ONE                                              SIDE TWO
Stardust                                                  Wabash Blues
Love's Dream                                         Music, Music, Music
Jumping Bean                                        Half A Heart
Under A Red Umbrella                         Bayadare

From Brockway Mercantile, Brockway, Montana Via Ebay. (08.03.05)

At The Organ

(Royale LP 1877)

SIDE ONE                                              SIDE TWO
You Can't Be True, Dear                       18th Century
Cuckoo Waltz                                         Emperor Waltz
Ciribiribin                                                 Concerto
American Patrol                                      Serenade
(Rondo Recordings)                              (All above not Ken Griffin)

From E. Fleming, Carver, Massachussettes, U.S.A. via Ebay. 15.12.05


(Broadcast V - 28)

SIDE ONE                                           SIDE TWO
Missurie Waltz                                   St. Louis Blues
Brummel Petros                                  Mickey
Melody In F                                        Redwing
Cuckoo Waltz                                     Dark  Town Strutters Ball

From Grandmother Winds Workshop, Sakatchewan, Canada., 
Via Ebay (22.04.06).

  Other LP's in this 10" (pink Transparent vinylite) Rondo Series

"Ken Griffin Wizard Of The Organ"

RLP 38
Stardust - Love's Dream  (Liebestraum) - Jumping Bean - Under A Red Umbrella - Wabash Blues - Music, Music, Music - Half A Heart - Bayadare.

Ken Griffin "At The Organ"
(Broadcast LP's)

Naughty Waltz - You Can't Be True, Dear - Indian Love Call - Cielito Lindo - A Gay Ranchero - Sentimental Journey - Griffin Blues - Barcarolle.

Missurie Waltz - Brummel Petro - Melody In F - Cuckoo Waltz - St. Louis Blues - Mickey - Red Wing - Darktown Strutters Ball.

My Isle Of Golden Dreams - Hawaiian Echos - Glow Worm - Bells Of St Mary's - Lilli Marlene - Apple Blossom Wedding - Alhoa Oe - O Why Did I Kiss That Girl

L.P. always been unable to get...

(Philips BBR 8029)

SIDE ONE ----------------------------------------------SIDE TWO
Jalous -----------------------------------------------       Gimme a little kiss
The lamplighter's serenade -------------------------Shepherd serenade
Sentimental journey ----------------------------------Twelfth Street rag
St. Louis blues

N.B. The 12" version has since been purchased from Tim Barron (Phoenix).

(28. 02. 05) Updated 22. 04. 06.


It was very interesting finding, and winning the last four 10" LP's (Above) on Ebay. Firstly because the records were such clean copies and hardy played, if at all. In most cases the record labels look glossy new. However, it is in the tracks that we find that Ken had made different arrangements of the same songs with whichever Label company he was with at the time and these differences open up a fascinating look at how Ken progressed and matured at the keyboard and in his arrangement and recording abilities. They are a good pointer too that if you, like myself, feel disappointed at finding a new recording but you already have most of the tunes listed, it will pay you to purchase these records as in all probability, they will be a completely different arrangement.

As with the 78rpm record page I would like to list and make 'personal' comment on each of the tracks on these four 10" LP's., which you may find of interest....................

Rondo RLP 33
  (Unusually fast version of this well known number)                         ---                       
Tiger Rag  (Fast and furious. Ken really puts the pressure on)                       ---                       
Souvinir Waltz  (A very sweet tune very similar to Now is the Hour!).  S

Sentimental Me (That 'bridge' tune start again and swings along on organ only)    ------------                         
Beautiful Wisconsin (Sweet but not as driving as Beautiful Ohio, Nice bell-like sound affect in
Till We Meet Again (A great version of Doris Day's great number)
Yes Sir That's My Baby (As Eric would say its a "Wowser". Really swings. Great use of the deep
                                             Hammond sound)
Love Was The Cause Of It All (Easy going in the same vein as Ballad to a Lovely Lady)

Rondo RLP 34
Donkey Serenade
(A great version by Ken. Fine playing)                ---                      
American Patrol (A very patriotic arrangement)                    ---                     
Casey Jones 
(A classical Ken train arrangement. Very Fast paced)           -----------                          
My Blue Heaven
(This swings along with a great mix of organ and piano)         ------------                     
Wedding Of Lilli Marlene
(One I have never heard before and was fascinated by it's title and reference to the well known tune 'Lili Marlene'. There are similarities and this very pleasant tune is played in Ken's lilting
style that makes you want to whistle along. A Great skating number.
Lady Of Spain (Ken starts off with his Latin American beat then manages to make it sound as if there is a
                           whole Combo playing)
Neapolitan Nights (A delicate night-spot number with use of a concertina or melodeon and on which Ken uses his 'bell' just briefly enough to compliment the melody)
After The Ball (A delicate waltz arrangement, again using a melodeon or concertina to nice affect)

Rondo RLP 43
Twelfth Street Rag
(The third arrangement of this number that I have come across and what a 'blinder'!  Ken's fingers just fly over the keys. This one will test Eric's 'keyboard crunchin' abilities)                 ---                       
The Whistler And His Dog
(A completely new recording to me and as above Ken dances over the keys in a near perfect arrangement. Nice use of the 'whistling' sound that makes you feel like whistling along.          
(Another, third arrangement of this well known 'classical' tune in which Ken starts off in the correct speed and manner as it was originally composed  but by the second verse Ken goes into his well known 'swing' and you find your feet starting to tap along)             -----------                       
Santa Lucia
(A very competent arrangement with Ken's lilt and nice use of the 'bell' sound. A good steady
                        beat, concluding with Ken's well known bridging arrangement)                 ------------                      
Sentimental Journey
(A different arrangement from his Columbia recording. Same swinging style with the train whistle coming in on the beat but Ken concludes with a completely different steam train beat, rather shorter than in the later arrangement) 
Prune Song ( This Rondo version is a catchy arrangement in which Ken keeps the pace up throughout and
                          just slows down for the final moments)
La Paloma (Very Close to his Columbia arrangement on 'Latin Americana' but with subtle differences)
Freight Train Boogie (Again, a different arrangement than on his Columbia  'Sugar & Spice' LP. However it was interesting to find that this is in fact the second un-named tune that Ken plays with Sonny dancing on the 67 Melody Lane TV Show and where we can see Ken actually play in that very fast style where he flicks
the keys at a fantastic rate)

Broadcast 606
Do You Ever Think Of Me
(Another smoothie in the style of Ballad of a Lovely Lady) Lady style)---                       
Every Little Movement   
(A nice upbeat version compared to the Rondo recording)      ---                        
Prune Song   
(Jolly little number with a faster beat to the Rondo version)               -----------                       
Happy Birthday
(Another new track to me. In the same 'fun' manner as Ken's 'My Life's Story. He most likely played this at most of his shows for anyone with a birthday that day')          ------------                       
Till We Meet Again
(A great arrangement of Doris Day's hit number, with a nice version of his bridging
                                      tune in the middle)
Lazy River (Quite different to his better known Columbia arrangement. Slower with a definite swing beat)
Ballad To A Lovely Lady (A lovely melody, sweetly played)
Blond Sailor (A different arrangement to that on the 'Sparkling Touch' LP. Slightly more upbeat but with less trimmings)

Update 10.03.05.

Rondo 38
Stardust (
This is a lovely little number with a very lilting swing but played with great respect for the number)
Love’s Dream (Lieberstraume) (A swinging arrangement of this fine old classic)
Jumping Bean (Otherwise known as Jukebox Polka. Ken's own composition and played very fast)
Under A Red Umbrella (Semifast catchy little number, shows it's age a bit)
Wabash Blues (This is another 'Classic' by Ken that goes with his Griffin Blues and Apple Blossom
                             Wedding. Really sets your feet tapping)
Music, Music, Music (Slightly raunchy but bouncy rhythm, again on the 'early' organ sound) 
Half A Heart
(Whistle, and tap your foot to this catchy little number)
Bayadare (Sounds like a background tune to a silent movie, such as Chaplin! Very solid and impressive

Update 22.04.06.

Broadcast V-28
Missouri Waltz (B)
(That upset the traditionalists! Nice piano & organ mix)
Bummel Petros  (a great foot-tapping marching tune)
Melody in F (B) (A really nice, serious attempt by Ken to play this fine classical piece in it's proper style)

Cuckoo Waltz (B) Slightly tame arrangment, not as lively as Ken's later arrangements. 
St. Louis Blues (B) (Subtably different from his CD version. Great. Try sitting still when listening this one)
Mickey (B) (Different and very pleasant, very Ken Griffin)
Redwing (B) (An old favourite, easy going. I seem to recall it being called Beautiful Little Redwing)
Darktown Strutters Ball (B) (A real swinging/boogie number as only Ken could play it).

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