Ken Griffin (12" L.P Collection)

(First Ten LP's)

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(Philips BBL 75156)


SIDE ONE------------                                       SIDE TWO
Our Heartbreaking Waltz -------------- -        Masquarade
I've written your name on my heart ---        I remember when
Waltz of the roses                                          Roses
Cecile waltz                                                      We all need love
My best to you                                               I'm drifting back to dreamland
Island magic---------------------                        Melody of love

Purchased 12.2.62 (Telemech, Aberdeen, Scotland)

(Philips BBL 7514)


SIDE ONE ---------------------------------                SIDE TWO
Shine ----------------------------------------               Dipsey Doodle
Ain't she sweet ---------------------------               Sunday
Put your little foot (Andy Nelson)                   Peggy O'Neil
I want to be happy ----------------------               There'll be some changes made
Louise --------------------------------------               The syncopated clock
My dreams are getting better ---------           
   Little brown jug

Purchased 27.3.63 (Telemech, Aberdeen)

(Philips BBL 7303)


SIDE ONE                                               SIDE TWO
Ferry-boat Inn -----------------------         So Long
The little old mill                                     Turkey in the straw
Scatterbrain                                             Parade of the wooden soldiers
Golden Sails -------------------------          San Antonio Rose
Little Sally one shoe                              The blond sailor
In a little gypsy tea room ----------        Black Beauty march

Purchased 27.3.63 (Telemech, Aberdeen)

(CBS BPG 62111)


SIDE ONE --------------------------------------        SIDE TWO
Mary's a grand old name ----------------------     Freight train boogie
Somebody loves you (Carl Ascercion)            Where the river
Oh Baby mine -----------------------------------       Shannon flows
Mother Machree----------------------- ---------      Walking to Missurie
Whistler's Jingle --------------------- ---------- -     Oh Happy day
I'm always hearing wedding bells------------     Tears never lie
-----------------------------------------                         I'll take you home again Kathleen

Purchased 20.2.64 (Telemech, Aberdeen)

(Philips BBL 7351)


SIDE ONE --------------------------           SIDE TWO
Elmer's tune ------------------------            Dream
The woman in the shoe ---------            I don't want to set the world on fire
The Sheik of Araby --------------            Tear drops on my pillow
Valencia -----------------------------            That tumble down shack in Athlone
Bei mir bist du schoen ----------           - The nearness of you
Gay Danube ------------------------            Estrellita

Purchased April 61 (Telemech, Aberdeen)

(Philips BBL 7242)


SIDE ONE ----------------------------         SIDE TWO
Beer barrel polka --------------------           When Irish eyes are smiling
When you wore a tulip ------------           Always
You are my sunshine ---------------           Little brown jug
In the good old summer time -----            Valencia
Shine -----------------------------  -                 Let me call you sweetheart
The band played on ---------------             Down by the old mill stream
If you knew Susie ------------------             A shanty in an old shanty town
Now is the hour -------------------- -           Show me the way to go home

Purchased April 1961 (Telemech, Aberdeen)

(Embassy EMB 3107)


SIDE ONE ------------------------------------           SIDE TWO
The Anniversary Waltz ----------------------       Anniversary Song
When your hair has turned to silver ----------  Because
Let me call you sweetheart ------------------       Wonderful one
Together ------------------------------------              It had to be you
My happiness -------------------------------           Always
Remember (You forgot to) ------------------        I love you truly

Purchased Woolworths, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. 21.2.74

(Embassy EMB 31009)


SIDE ONE --------------------------             SIDE TWO
You can't be true, dear --------                Now is the hour
The syncopated clock
---------               The anniversary waltz
Love letters in the sand
--------              The Bells of St. Mary's
My happiness
-----------------                  Harbour lights
April in Portugal
---------------                 Sleepy time gal
Crusing down the river

Purchased Woolworths, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. 18.10.75

(Philips BBL 7303)

SIDE ONE ------------------------------------                  SIDE TWO
Far away places ---------------------------  -                  Sleepy time gal
The nearness of you -----------------------                  Indiana
In an 18th century drawing room -------                  Easter parade
River, stay away from my door ----------                  Dreamer of dreams
Ain't she sweet! -----------------------------                  My pony boy
September song -----------------------------                  My happiness
Auf Wiederseh'n, sweetheart -----------                   Remembering

1st copy, purchased, 1960, Alexanders, Aberdeen. 2nd copy, 1962 at Telemech.

(Philips BBL 7115)

(Based on his colour TV programme 67 Melody Lane)


SIDE ONE --------------------------------      SIDE TWO
Luisiana waltz ------------------------- --      By the waters of Minnitonka
My old Kentucky home -------------- -     Margie
Humouresque ---------------------------       Over the waves
Sunrise serenade ------------------------      The glow worm
Oh Ma Kodi polka ----------------------      Dark Eyes
Londonderry Air                                       Ciribiribin
The Cuckoo Waltz                                    Symphony in 3/4 time
Narcissus                                                   Lili Marlene --------------------------------        
Put your arms around me honey            Juke Box Polka-----     

Purchased at Telemech, Aberdeen. 1960

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