02.02.02 Update:


Mike McCormick, of Oklahoma made a bid on Ebay.com and gained an actual letter written by Ken to a Mr. Larry Dyson, when Ken was staying at the Hotel Fontenelle, in Omaha.
The letter is dated 02.02.51, which is an interesting coincidence in my having received it from Mike on 02.02.02, exactly 51 years after it was written. A copy of the letter appears below.
You will find reference to a Dentist, who we believe is Dr. Swain who composed Bumpity Bump and I Saw You (with my heart) amongst other great numbers. My thanks for Mike's
kindness on letting me have this letter, while he kept the envelope which had Ken's signature on the front. This makes a great keepsake.

 May 2002 Update:

My grateful thanks once again, to Mike for kindly sending me the actual envelop that goes with the above letter. Together they make for a very rare and welcome addition to my collection.

24.03.02 Update:

Ken Griffin Signed Photograph

Again, Mike bid on Ebay.com and won a signed photo of Ken, that makes a great addition to his collection. Mike wondered if the signature was genuine or added at a later date. However
if you compare the two signatures on the letter and on the picture below they look very much the same. Having magnified the photograph I could see no sign of editing as the dots of the
organ bodywork were all in their correct places. I think we can safely say that it is very genuine.

 It is a very nice picture of Ken, at one of his Mother-of-Pearle Hammond AV's, with a decorative show-piece background. It is nice to see a fresh picture of Ken where he looks very
happy and content. My thanks to Mike, once again, for offering to send me the signed envelope to go with the letter.



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