Little Prayers For Little People

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A very unique Rondo recording from 1950, which was found on Ebay and the bid won by Andy Antonczyk. Ken, with the St. Nicholas Church Boy's Choir, Aurora, Illinois.

WAV Cleaned tracks at 64kbps.

N.B. Copyright possibly still stands on these recording 


Recently Wilfred Hosteland emailed to let me know that a rather unique 78 rpm record by Ken was on offer at EBay. He couldn't bid for the record as it was only for sale within the U.S.A. Therefore, I got onto Andy Antonczyk and asked if he would try for it. However, I should have known that Andy was already on the Ball and was just waiting for the final day to try and grab it. Thankfully, Andy was successful and now owns this interesting Rondo recording.  The record is "Little Prayers For Little People" and quite different from Ken's usual work in that he both composed and played the music, accompanying the St. Nicholas Boys Choir of Aurora, Illinois. The recording was made in 1950. I was surprised to learn from Sally that she had never heard of this recording and it was a surprise to her too.

This 78 represents a great find and a very welcome addition to our overall collection and knowledge of Ken's work.

The 78 is in pink, transparent vinyl

The very colourful carboard cover

On the back of the cardboard cover there is an interesting description about Ken and the making of this recording

 It was really great to listen to it. The recording is clear and very noise free and the children's singing is delightful. Something quite different from Ken. My thanks to Andy for winning the bid and having this unique recording within our group.

Andy has kindly given his consent  to have these recordings on the web site so that you can all enjoy listening to them. You will find the links near the top of the Home Page. Your comments would be appreciated.

Photo scans are also by Andy.  


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