Sorry, I said Hammerstein, I meant of course Debusy.
Incidently, it surprised me to find out that when Debusy accompanied Mary on piano it was generally thought that he did not play very well at all.

Hi Jim, I've just completed reading the Turnbull book and of course I need a bit more now. I'll read through it again because things never sink in for me on a first reading. A few questions for you,
as you probably anticipated. having a fixation about dates and locations I tried to piece something together based on this book. Can you add, or correct any of this please.

1874 - ???? 35 Charlotte Street
???? - 1883 41 Dee Street
1883 - 1896 USA
1896 - 1940 France - USA
1940 - 1955?? 16 Albert Street
1955?- 1966 ?? Belgrave Terrace
1966 - 1967 House of Daviot Hospital; Near Inverurie.

1958 Last trip to France.
1954?Last trip to USA
1962 "An Aberdeen Hospital" Do you know which one?

Photograph in the Turnbull book shows her at home in 1949. Would this be 18 Albert Street. I can post the picture if you like.

Sorry Jim, I should have read your earlier posts a bit more carefully as you have already supplied the date when she moved to Belgrave terrace along with the house number.

Regarding the perfume named after her which you showed in post on page 1 (forgot the post no.),didn't she sue the company for using her name on other merchandise?

(Jim Brooks)
Haytoner, in chronological order:

I have never been able to work out exacly when Mary moved from Charlotte Street to Dee Street, but as Amy was born in 1875 and Agnes in 1877, I imagine it would have been about 1877 that
Charlotte Street finally became too small for a family of five.

I think the hospital was Forresterhill, and her stay there was possibly the last occasion that Mary's singing voice was heard in public when she sang "Annie Laurie".

She celebrated her 91st birthday in Daviot, so that would have been 1965, and she died there at the start of 1967.

Mary left Albert Street for Belgrave terrace when her mother died in 1948, so I think that photo is Belgrave, especially as she appears to be at a bay window on the first floor. Neither house has
a plaque!

Mary may well have sued over the use of her name in connection with Gardenia, but the Rigaud deal seems to be for "Mary Garden Perfume" and cosmetics and presumably it was legit. Today
there are often reasonably priced items from that range on e-bay - the sort of bottles you see at the bottom of this advert:

(Fat Jock)
Mary Garden has a couple of tracks on YouTube."mary+garden"

Hi FJ. Yes I noted these earlier on. Have you listened to them? If you could find a recording of her singing Blue Moon it would be something else. Sorry I missed you at Beans last week by the way.

Having listened to Mary Garden I began to realise that I had indeed heard her as a wee boy but did not realise who she was until now.My granny had an old gramaphone with a big horn speaker.
Among her vast collection of 78rpm was one of a lady singing Annie Laurie and another of her singing I am glad my hearts my ane. I am sure now that the lady was Mary Garden.

Having listened to Mary Garden I began to realise that I had indeed heard her as a wee boy.




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