Continuing the saga of Mary Garden's life after she retired, the next information is the following clipping from the 1st March 1951 Evening Express.
She talks here of her soon to be published autobiography. I know that this was in fact published in 1951 but it is generally agreed that it is a rather
fanciful and inaccurate summary of her life up to 1951. Not having read it for myself, I cannot vouch for this, but would welcome any opinions. I
do find it rather sad that despite the fact that there promises to be an interesting account of her friendship with Debussy, she later, in a radio
interview, asked her sister if Debussy was dead. He had actually died in 1918.


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There are two audio links but sadly the Ramophone link doesn't work. However Mary sounds in fine voice on the Depuis le jour

Mary sings At Dawning, on YouTube:
Considering this is recorded directly from a wind-up gramophone, the sound quality is very good. The author obvioulsy understands 78rpm record
players and has an excellent setup.

Interesting three-part video clips on Mary's life and recordings. Well worth viewing and listening to... (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

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