It was with great sadness that I received the news that Phil Gunsul passed away during November 2005. Some of you may not have heard of Phil, but he was the first person
to have an active Dedication web site to Ken Griffin and was responsible for getting many of the people who continue this friendship through this web site. I enjoyed many
email exchanges with Phil and also talked on the phone, though sadly, I never managed to meet him, but he became one of my numerous fine friends whom I have got to know
via this web site. Phil was truely a great Ken Griffin fan and I am grateful to him for starting the dedications to Ken through his own web site, which you will find on the home page.

Thanks to his wife, Linda for sending us these details....

"Phil was 58 years old. He retired early at the age of 49 from Lucent Technologies,(formally AT&T/Western Electric) as an Electrical Engineer. He loved organ music and
especially Ken Griffin. He used to Roller skate to his music. He bought an organ years ago even though he didn't know how to play it. One day a friend of ours gave him a
coupon book for six free lessons, which he used. He could play Chop Sticks and Spanish Eyes. Eventually our son, Paul, took lessons at the age of five and played for us.
Phil bought a Conn Theater Organ for Paul to play on and some of the songs he played for Phil were the songs Ken Griffin played. Phil was elated.

Phil was also interested in Pipe Organs and we attended several Organ Extravaganzas.

Phil volunteered at the Kendall County Historical Society where he enjoyed genealogy research. He even did some research on Ken Griffin.

Phil was a member of the National Corvette Restorers Society and the Fox Valley Corvette Club.

As you can see he had a wide range of interests. We were married over 31 years and from the day I met Phil, I knew  who Ken Griffin was because Phil was a true fan of
his. Every time I hear Ken Griffin's music it brings back great memories".


Phil is survived by his wife Linda and their son Paul. We send them our Kindest Regards and Best Wishes for the future and hope that this page will be a lasting testement
to Phil and his enjoyment of Ken's music.

Phil's discology has been addedto the new Ken Grifin Discology that is linked in the Home Page 




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