(Dentist and Composer)

My thanks to Bob Potts for being able to make contact with Royce (Doc) Brown and sending in a report. We know that Royce was a dentist and composed songs, some of which Ken made arrangements and recorded. The Bumpity Bump being one of my favourites. It was a real pleasure to learn that Royce, who is 94, is still with us and still composing songs, primarily Country & Western. He has had top 40 hits in the last year. As a life long Country & Western fan I will have a look through my collection to see if there are any by Royce which I have possibly long known of.

Another bit of news from Royce was that 67 Melody Lane was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsalvannia and not in Chicagpo as we have believed. This could make finding further information about this TV programme a little more possible.

I will keep this link open by way of dedication to Royce and that we will learn further information about him and possible of what he remember about Ken.




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