------COLOUR REVERSAL!------------

Put simply Colour Reversal refers to a Colour Transparency Film. i.e. Colour Slide\Cine.

"Reversal!" When developing a colour slide the first stage forms a black & white "Negative".
To form a 'positive' the image requires to be "Reversed". This is done by giving a second exposure and\or the film 'fogged' chemically to form the positive image on the film emulsion. Once this is done the film is then Bleached & Fixed, clearing the emulsion to give a perfect positive image for viewing and projection. This explains the use of 'Colour' and 'Reversal' in the club's name.

Second Exposure is carried out by exposing the film to a No. 1 photoflood lamp for appx 5 minutes (each side). Or as with modern commercial processing kits, use a chemical 'reveral' bath between the first developing and colour developing stages.

The Colour Reversal Club is dedicated to those who wish to home process their own colour
transparencies (slides or cine film) and offers practical and technical assistance in attaining that goal. Along with this help the club also sells film and chemicals at very competitive prices


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