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CRC's 30th. Anniversary
April 28th. 2001

Another very enjyable gathering. This time in the small village of Briston in Norfolk. Kindly hosted by Sandra & Kevin Craske. A small but appreciative audiance with a lively A.G.M. followed by a brilliant Print Exhibition and talk by Margary & Kevin Maskell. Bill Reid presented an unedited mix of slides from his latest outings with his camera, using CRC Bulk Konicachrome film, processed in a Jessop own brand kit and Kevin Craske completed the day with a very fine AVR of a visit to Disney Land, Paris, using four projectors, on a home-built stand and his own computer set-up p, using downloaded MP3 sound files for the musical accompaniment. The synconisation was excellent.

To celabrate the CRC's 30th Anniversary, Rita Pearle cut a cake, especially baked for the Club and the members present.

A full report, with pictures appears in the July 2001 CRCN (102) and in the Web Site pages. Below are a few chosen or your interest......


The CRC AGM and Open Meeting was held on Saturday April 8th at Rushwick, Worcester. here was a very good turn out, although it would be nice to see numbers increase at this event. It was nice meeting some new faces. There were five Slide Foio members and it was nice putting faces to members whos sides I have been viewing and marking for many years now.

After the AGM there was a nice exhibition of colour and B&W prints to inspect. These included samples of John pearles' Silver Image' prints which are very unusual and make a good conversation piece. After a pleadant interval where the ladies srrved light refreshments it was visiting guest Bernard Brown to carried the rest of the afternoon with his excellent 3-D demonstration, using four projectors and ocassional computer imaging to compose some of the finest 3-D effects seen in a long time,. Many thanks to Bernard for coming along and making a very interesting. (CRC Editor).

(Scan from Area 3+ Local Newsletter for April 200)

The programme was:

"Bits and Pieces" - an introduction to 3D.  A humorous look at the styles and skills used in stereoscopic photography (10 mins)
"Open Sandwiches" - Stereoscopic slides that are to be sandwiched, are shown separated before copying as sandwiches (5 mins)

"Demonstration" - The camera and other gear used

"Magic Castle" - Fade and dissolve using techniques from stereo mounting.  One image, computer altered and copied to slide (5mins)

"Colour in Symmetry" - Two identical slides sandwiched (with first slide reversed) and copied.  fade and dissolve A/V (7 mins)

"Cloning the Clown" - One pair of stereo images, computer altered and copied to slides.  fade and dissolve A/V (3 mins, stereo)

"Fungal Foray" - Camera Club day pout.  A lighthearted look at fungus pictures.  (6 mins, stereo A/V)

"Air Fantasy" - A compilation of aircraft using sandwich and montage techniques (5 mins, stereo A/V)

"Good, Bad & B.C. Brown" - Portraiture with a difference (6 mins, stereo A/V)

BREAK (30mins)

"Air Veterans & Red Arrows" - (10 mins, stereo)

"Las Vegas" - Big, brash and fascinating (7 mins, stereo A/V)

"Grand Canyon" - Colourful cliff erosion and weird formations (8 mins, stereo A/V)

"This is Bodie" - A remote abandoned ghost town, preserved as it was left in 1932 (9 mins, stereo A/V)

"England in the Fall" - Filmed at Westonburt, Gloucester, using the variable base stereo technique to show this magnificent park at it's best (3 mins, stereo A/V).

Ex Secretary Pete Guy receives his present from present Secrtary John Pearle on behalf of the service
given to the Club and the members. (Scan from Area 3+ Local Newsletter for April 200)

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