As I have received excellent communications from you making it difficult to fit in everything, it has left me with a quarter page to fill....

Mr. B. Mogilnicki, Area 3, phoned to explain that he doesn`t use `kits` as mentioned in the last newsletter. He mainly experiments with the CRC E6 formulae, using white light or Flash for reversal exposures. He feels that using the expensive and unviromental, chemical fogging, isn`t necessary. However for those who wish to try light reversal, please note that you will require `TWO` seperate Stop Baths, for use, after 1st & Colour development.

Glyn Willicombe, of Area 22 also wrote, with some interesting comment on my having got rid of that annoying `tobacco effect` by doubling the time of the wash, after 1st. development, and also in the Reversal bath. Glyn explains, that there should be no need to extend the reversal bath time as, the film is well saturated in that time, and, `fogging` doesn`t really take place until the film actually goes into the Colour developer! it could be that my problem may have been that, the film(s), may not have been fully washed and a `solarisation` effect taking place when taking the spiral(s) out of the tank, to do the short rinse, shaking the spiral(s) and draining the tank, then going through the Colour development stage.

The only way to find out would be with some experiment, but as I get so little time for photography and W&M, these days, it would take too long to find out. As this procedure is working for me, then I shall simply stick to this method for the time being.

My method for film washing, is, carrying out a number of water changes, with ocassional `Inversion` of the tank, every minute or so, for the duration of the washing times. Perhaps this may not be as thorough as I have thought, and simply extending the washing time by a couple of minutes is all that was required to get complete washing and stopping any further development of the 1st. Developer, so avoiding the tobacco efffect taking place.

My thanks to everyone who has written to me this quarter. Please keep your letters comming, as you can see from this issue, every piece of news, no matter how long or short, helps to fill the pages and create interest.

Bill Reid (Editor).

Editorial CRCMain

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