(Updated 29th of May 2013)

My grateful thanks to Ken's nephew Kirby for allowing me to add this family group photo of Ken with his sister Virginia and brother Kirby. I would estimate the picture
to have beentaken between 1913/14.

N.B. Copyright remains with the Griffin family and should not
be used for  any other purpose without requesting consent.

14. 04. 07. It is with sadness that we report the death of Ken's sister, Virginia on the 13th of April 2007. Being around
two years younger than Ken Virginia would have been between 94 and 95 years old. A very long life indeed, but
                    nevertheless a sad loss for the remaining family. Ken died in 1956 and Kirby in 1960. 

Update 28th May 2008

With thanks to Wilfred Hosteland, who lives in Norway for sending in these two great photographs of Ken. Virginia and her husband visited Wilfred and his wife Bente
back in the 80's.

Ken with his sister, Virginia and his father, Artie. Ken and his father are buried together at the cemetery near Aurora, Illinois.
This photo was taken in St. Louis. c. 1950.

Ken in Military Uniform

From a Ford advert

May 2013. Wilfred Hosteland sent in a copy of the Music Sheet for Ken's "My Best To You", which he found on the internet. I found a
fuller copy which allowed me to grab a full-sized copy of the photo of Ken sitting at his Wurlitzer Electrostatic Organ.  Note that he is
wearing the suit that he wore in the 1954 TV  series 67 Melody Lane.  It could be that Ken had either been due to go to the studios or
not having long been back from there. A
very nice find. Thanks Wilfred.

Another photo of Ken from Wilfred. This time at a White model of
the Wurlitzer Electrostatic organ. N.B. Confusion came from this in
that some LP's from Columbia stated that they were Hammond
recordings when  they were actually on theWurlitzer ES.



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