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Ken Griffin -----------Eric Larson
Lazy River                                   Lazy River

Two 15 seconds recordings of Lazy River. Ken plays from an LP while Eric plays from a tape copy. The sound. is a little lower than for the LP but listen for the
closeness of both Eric's playing and the organ sound and e-mail your views on how close Eric has got to playing and sounding like Ken.

Eric works at a Power Station but plays the Hammond at an Ice Rink most evenings. He studied the organ under Doris Tirrel and has been a great admirer of
Ken's and has practiced copying his playing style and famous organ sounds for many years. From our communications via the Memorial Pages Eric has returned
to playing the Hammond, both in his own excellent style and in Ken's, with determination. I feel that he deserves to be recording in his own right and even
producing a few CD's in Ken' style. He not only plays Ken's well known numbers but also includes many songs that were composed after Ken's death, how he
thinks Ken would have played them and it really is like listening to Ken himself. Eric has also composed some excellent organ numbers of his own.

Download a complete song by Eric (mp3). Someday, Somewhere This song is quite old, going back to the 20's but Ken never recorded it. However this will
give you an excellent example of how Eric has arranged the piece to an exceptionally high standard. Just keep asking yourself "Am I listening to Eric, or to the
real Ken Griffin". Enjoy.

UPDATE 19th MAY 2003


Eric has recently been working very hard on converting a Hammond CV into what he believes will be the infinitive "Ken Griffin" organ. It has the original echo
and reverb units and even Midi enclosed so that he is able to produce the sounds and effects from the one Hammond organ. A full article on the conversion is
to appear shortly.

"Dreaming Of My Sally"  This melody was composed by Eric Larson by way of Dedication to Ken and Sally. On hearing the melody I immediately felt that it
required some lyrics. Eric was pleased with them therefore I decided to try and sing it to Eric's recorded  track. The completed recording was made at my
computer, playing the track via the speakers and singing the lyrics into a portable cassette recorder. It is not to studio recording standards and apart from
Eric's playing is not meant to be a professional recording.. 

 Music composed & played by Eric Larson.
 Lyrics & Vocals by Bill Reid. 

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