The Vocalists on Ken's records!

(Latest Update 11. 11. 07)

You Can't Be True, Dear was first produced as a vocal and later Ken produced the instrumental version, which took off so well, it made him an International star, virtually overnight. The vocalist was Jerry Wayne,
who had quite a pleasant voice. He made at least three other records with Ken, Doodle, Doo, Doo, Golden Sails and Why Did You Break My Heart, all, which Ken also produced as instrumentals later.

You Can't be True, Dear                                                        - Jerry Wayne
Doodle Doo – Do                                                                   - Jerry Wayne
Golden Sales                                                                           - Jerry Wayne
Why Did You Break My Heart                                            - Jerry Wayne
Moonlight and Roses                                                           - The Johnny Byrne Quartet.
Remembering                                                                         - The Johnny Byrne Quartet.
Beautiful Wisconsin                                                             - Don Fina
Brown Jug Polka                                                                   - Johnny Knapp

If I Had You                                                                           - Johnny Knapp
You Didn't Want Me When You Had Me   
                - Johnny Hill and on the Celeste: H. Moss
You Darlin'                                                                             - Lang Thompson's Orchestra
In The Chapel by the Side Of The Road                           - Ted Stanford
Rosery Lane                                                                          - Ted Stanford
Oh, Why Did I Kiss That Girl                                             - Ken Griffin
The Shades Are Down On Cobble Street                        - Eddie Vana
Once In A While                                                                 - Ann Gilbert
Love Me, Love Me, Love Me                                           - Bob Carroll
Mistakes                                                                               - Bob Carroll
Our Christmas Waltz                                                           - Karen Ford & Bill Snary

Other 78's with vocals are The Shades Are Down on Cobble Street and Why Did I Kiss That Girl. The group singing are called The Neapolitans. Ken also played a track called Neapolitan Nights, and again I wonder
if this was a home grown group in which he may well have vocalised with. However everyone I have discussed it with firmly believe it is Ken actually singing on Why Did I Kiss That Girl. When I listen to it I can
easily picture it as being Ken himself. He was known to enjoy singing in his live shows, while playing and it is believed that he may have been one of the singers in the groups mentioned. However I must add that
his nephew, Kirby Griffin has mentioned that he doesn't know of any record that Ken may have sang on. It would be nice if we could confirm this one way or the other. I know its a long time ago but could it be
possible that anyone from these groups could still be around and care to talk about those times.

Update April 2002: Brian Wessel, of Chicago found some interesting information about Jerry Wayne on the Internet. Jerry went on to be a very successful musical director on Broadway and involved in many
musical shows and at the time I write he is still living and would be in his 90's. His son, Jerry Wayne Jr. is also working on Broadway.

Update 26.03.03: From Wilfred Høstland:-

Once In A While:                                - Ann Gilbert
Bill Snary                                              - vocal
Alice Kusch                                         - vocal
Marian Spelman                                  - vocal
The Songsmiths                                  - vocal
Karen Ford                                           - vocal
Eddie Lund                                           - vocal 

12.07.03. From Mike McCormick

Rondo-143  Cuckoo Bird Waltz
                     Every Little Movement
                     Vocals by Johnny Knapp

Rondo-150  If I Had You
                     Brown Jug Polka
                     Vocals by Johnny Knapp

Rondo-188  Lady Of Spain – Rumba
                     The Shades Are Down On Cobble Street
                     Vocals by Eddie Vana

Rondo-228  Du Kanst Nicht Treu Seinn
                     Komm' In Meine Leibesslaube
                     Vocals by Jolly Franzle

Rondo- Niewiernym Jestes
              Dziadunio (Clarinet) Polka
              Vocals by Alice Kusek



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