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We are the Chicago Area Theatre Organ Enthusisasts, Inc.

Our goals to preserve theatre organs and to encourage performance on them
  are culminated by our shows, which have been enjoyed by thousands of

We are the oldest and largest theatre organ club in Chicago, with the most
theatre organs to its credit, restored, and many still playing in their original
theatre locations.

The Chicago's Theatre famous landmark WurliTzer is just one of many
instruments   that has benefited from CATOE contributions.  At present
CATOE owns three theatre instruments, one playing and being enjoyed in the
Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, and the other two awaiting installation in
suitable venues.

Membership in CATOE brings you the opportunity and, if you desire, to PLAY
theatre pipe organs. It also entitles you to concert tickets at a discount; access
to hard to find records and books; and finally the VOX CATOE, the monthy club
publication  and newsletter. You'll also have opportunities for weekend CATOE
trips to visit other theatre organ clubs, and best of all, be informed of  future
theatre organ events of both CATOE and other organ groups.


John Peters       president
Dennis Wolkowicz      vice president
Joe Russo              secretary
Jim Shaffer          treasurer
Jon C. Habermaas      vox catoe editor
     Paul Van Der Molen   membership director
Hal Pritchard     director
   Mike Ruzicka       director


             Information concerning CATOE and membership can be
             obtained by writing

             PAUL VAN DER MOLEN
             ON 468 Willow Road
             Wheaton, Illinois 60187- 2934

For more information email us at


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