Theatre Organ Home Page
The most extensive website devoted to Theatre Organs.
contains many color pictures and links to many other organ
sites. Also  contains classified ad section for buying and   selling
organs and organ parts.

ATOS..Official American Theatre Organ Society Page
Contains information about theatre organs and reference database for features published in Theatre Organ Magazine

ACCHOS..Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society
Convention Hall is being renovated and this society is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the gigantic Midmer-Losh
Organ and the Kimball organ in the ballroom.  Many interesting
Pictures and features.

PSTOS Organ Page  Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society. Primarily devoted to Pacific Northwest theatre organ but also  contains interesting information including references for sources of restoration supplies.

WurliTzer Organ On-Line  OPUS LIST. Compilation of Material from the Judd Walton OPUS list, updated to reflect The most up to date information on status of WurliTzer pipe organs.

PIPORG-L..Home page for subscription email list devoted to
Serious organ discussion

PIPECHAT..Home page for subscription email list to Organ discussion. PIPECHAT also sponsors an IRC Chat group which meets Mondays and Fridays

Theatreorgans-L subscription email list devoted to discussion of theatre organ.

Current Theatre Organ Installation Data Base contains current information about existing theatre organs in  public venues. Also lists regular and special events and  contact information and  websites (if available)

Organ Historical Society with society information and  link to on-line OHS Catalog containing organ recordings,  books  and print music

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