Wurlitzer/Link organ 2 manual/15 ranks

Mike Mcdonald of Centralia, WA wrote in and shared with us pictures of his Link/Wurlitzer home pipe organ. "I have a hybrid that I have put together this year (1998). I'm using Russ Evans Old style B console that he rebuilt with my Link organ," says Mike.

Here are the organ specs. Mike is using several maker's pipework:
Wurlitzer Tibia 8'4'2' 73 note on 10"sp.
Wurlitzer tuba 16' 8'4' 85 note on 10" sp
Wurlitzer style D trumpet 8'4' 73 note on 10" sp.
Wurlitzer kinura 8' 61 notes on 10 " sp
Wurlitzer concert flute 16'8'4'2'1' 97 notes on 10" sp.
Kimball VDO 16'8'4'2' 85 notes on 10"
Kimball vox celeste 8'4' 73 notes on 10" sp
Robert-Morton muted viol 8'4'2' 85 notes on 10" sp
Robert-Morton viol celeste 4'2' 73 notes on 10" sp
Link (Gottfried) tibia of sm scale 4'2' 73 notes on 8" sp
Link (Gottfried ) vox humana 8'4' 73 notes on 8" sp
Link (Gottfried) clarinet 8'4' 73 notes on 8" sp
Robert-Morton diapasion 8'4' 73 notes on 10" sp for the pedal

Mike added these ranks as well:

Estey 16" double open Haskelled 24 notes 10" sp
Kimball 8' clarabella 24 note 10" sp
Kimball concert flute celeste 4'2'1'  
Kimball or Robert-Morton vox humana celeste    
Estey french trumpet   61 notes on 6" sp
(we need to see how this will sound its still up in the air)

Mike also has other pipe work to but he says "nothing unusual", and hopes to have it all playing before too long. "I also have a bunch of toy counter stuff xylophone, harp, drum, block, sleigh bells, triangle, cymbal, etc."

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