Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Why I bought a WurliTzer.

To minimize the problems.

I do not believe that WurliTzer are the only brand of theatre organs that are worth owning or preserving but there are several factors that influenced my choice of this brand over the many others.

The only two makes of instruments that originally came to Australia were WurliTzer, the majority, and some Christies. There are also some Comptons that have come over in more recent times. My practical experience has been mostly with WurliTzer with a small amount of Christie so it made sense to go with what I know best. Leaning about another manufacturers work first hand may have been interesting but may also have caused problems which no-one closer than the internet could have helped with. It would have been possible.

Even though I wanted to buy a complete instrument there will always be the need for some replacement parts during the rebuilding. Finding parts for a WurliTzer is hard enough in this country and parts for other makes is only going to be harder. There are parts suppliers in the US that we can buy from and they do make specialized WurliTzer replacement parts but generally not the specialised parts for other makes so it is better to stay with the brand that I know I can, relatively, easily get what I am going to need.



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