Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Why I bought Opus 2027.

It was there.

About 2 years before this instrument became available I did make some inquiries about another style 150 that was advertised but I did not follow that one through.

When this instrument was advertised I made enquiries about it and did buy it.
- It was an instrument that fitted my parameters of time, space and money.
- It was close to the average size Wurlitzer.
- It was a complete instrument that had only been moved once.
- There were people who were willing to help remove it and pack it for me.
- The instrument was still installed and in playing condition.
- The owner had a genuine reason to sell, because of age, and he was more interested in seeing the instrument go to someone who wanted to preserve it as an original instrument and not have it sold off as parts.
- I had previously met the person, who was arranging the sale of the instrument for the owner, at conventions.

The style 150 has some desirable features over other models as it has much more extensive unification than any other model near that size, except perhaps the style 165 which is a 2/6.

It does have a Tibia which is rare in an instrument of this size which does mean it is not really typical of this size instrument but it is definitely what most people would recognize as a true theatre organ.

It is also, by happy coincidence, the same model as Opus 2095 that was bought by one of the most important people in the beginning of the revival of interest in the theatre organ, Ben Hall. Opus 2027 is the twin to Ben's "Little Mother" and is just a few months younger. This instrument is still original unlike what has become of "Little Mother" over the years.

It does seem to me to be a model that has all the attributes to qualify as one that should be preserved for its musical and historical significance.



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