Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

How I bought Opus 2027.

The first hint of the instrument being for sale was via a note on the Internet ,on the theatreorgans list, in early March of 1998 indicating an advertisement had been placed in the classified ads section of the web page.

On making inquiries I found out that the person who placed the ad was acting as the agent for the owner who had moved into a nursing home. We had met a conventions so we knew who we were talking to.

One potentially significant problem was that the ad did say “Buyer to Remove” however it was determined that there would be enough local help available to overcome this as a favor to the owner for his long involvement in the local organ scene.

After checking the practicalities and probable costs involved in shipping the instrument, through another friend on the west coast who has much experience with arranging trans-pacific organ movements, I decided to go ahead and the check for the instrument was received on the 18th of March.

There was an advertisement for the organ in the ATOS Theatre Organ Journal that arrived a few months later.



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