Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Removal and packing.

There was no urgent need to get the organ out of the house and I was relying on the kindness of others to remove it for me so it was agreed that it would not be shipped until I could get there after the ATOS convention in San Francisco in early July.

Arrangements were made for a 20 foot shipping container to be delivered on the 13th of July on the understanding that the instrument would be dismantled prior to that date and it would be solely a matter of packing it into the container when we got there.

I arrived in Seekonk on the 12th to find the instrument was still fully playable, so I did get a chance to see and hear it for the first time that evening.

The next morning the three of us who had travelled from Adelaide plus two locals started the removal and packing. By the afternoon most of the organ was removed from the basement and was in the garden.

The container had not arrived.

After many phone calls it was determined that the container would not be delivered until the next day so most parts were left outside for the night. It did not rain.

The container was eventually delivered the next day but it was left on the truck so we had to lift everything up into it.

By the end of the third day everything, including the console that was removed through the kitchen window, was in the container. The container was picked up the next day, July 16, and started its trip across the US to Oakland by rail and then across the Pacific by ship.

Total person-hours for the removal, packing and loading was about 150 hours.



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