Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Preset Actions.

With no more loose small items around the inside of the console seemed like a good candidate to move on to. The Preset Relay came out first. With a total of six pistons on the console this was a relatively small job and one of the few instances where the leather had visible holes so it really was due to be done.

I removed all the pneumatice from the top of the horseshoe ready to releather them. They were in good condtion. The pneumatics under the horseshoe, which are much less easy to work on, were not in such good condition. These were all releathered, along with the extras that would be added for the chrysoglott, ready for the rebuild of the horseshoe.

Before the horseshoe though the two preset blow boxes were rebuilt. First the small unit for the straight rail and the large, 50 pair, unit for the horseshoe stops. These boxes only have the magnet, primary pneumatic and valve for each ON and OFF action for each tab but their design calls for a lot of gasket leather with many holes punched in it.

Both blow boxes had more than the number of actions that were required for the original specification so some were never used. The additional Trem tab on the straight rail and the extra four tabs on the horseshoe rail did not require any modifications to these units.



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