Welcome to "Original Creations"...where you can find some of the most fascinating designs for Barbie. This is where imagination and fashion collide. The dolls and fashions are in no way endorsed by Mattel. These fashions are created by a totally independent company. Due to such great publicity, we are doing many great things with the company. Collectors can expect many, many new and wonderful fashions in the future. Each day we will be adding something extra to our page to make it more fun for collectors.

1997 Designer Dolls

1998 Designer Dolls

*****Specialized Doll & Fashions*****

If you would like a specialized doll for that certain someone. We will do just that! Pick a holiday theme and or special occasion and let us do the rest! Better yet, if there are certain colors you like...let us know. We will incorporate your favorite colors into a beautiful creation. We are out there to serve you, the collector! Prices are cheap and the fashions are guaranteed to be extrodinary creations. No money until your doll is made and you are happy with what you see...we will work with you! If you want a more personal doll...this is for you! E-mail me with your ideas!

NOTE: Only serious inquires...PLEASE!

*****How to Order*****

Shipping and handling on all dolls is $5.00. If you wish to have insurance on your doll during shipping that is an extra $5.00. Money orders and checks are welcome. Money orders get the fastest service. Checks must wait a week before clearing. Send payment to:

Original Creations
2250 Holly Hall
# 115
Houston, TX 77054

*Lay-a-way is available, please inquire about details.
*References are available on request.
*To see who to make checks/money orders out to, please inquire.

NOTE: I advise that you put a doll on hold that you wish to purchase. Since dolls are One-of-a-kind, they will only be held for a week. Please, do not put a doll on hold that you do not plan to purchase...it cuts down on confussion. Thank You!

If you have any questions or coments...e-mail me!

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