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#91 Bill Doggett 1 #91 Bill Doggett 1 #104 Larry Young #104   Larry Young
#92 Bill Doggett 2 #92 Bill Doggett 2 #105 Larry Young #105   Larry Young
#93 Bill Doggett slow #93 Bill Doggett slow #106 Medeski, M & W #106 Medeski, M & W
#94 Bill Doggett, slow 2 #94 Bill Doggett, slow 2 #107 Medeski, M & W #107 Medeski, M & W
#95 Swingmatism 1 # 95 Swingmatism 1 #108 Medeski, M & W #108 Medeski, M & W
#96 Swingmatism 2 # 96 Swingmatism 2 #109 Medeski, M & W #109 Medeski, M & W
#97 Derek Austin plays: #97 Soul Limbo #110 Me & Bobby McG #110 Me & Bobby McG
#98 Derek Austin #98 Derek Austin #111  Crazy Hammond #111   Crazy Hammond 
#99 Derek Austin #99 Derek Austin #112                 Styx #112              Styx
#100  Jimmy Smith #100  Jimmy Smith #113      Sugar Loaf #113    Sugar Loaf 
#101  Jack McDuff #101  Jack McDuff #114  A  LITTLE  DAB #114    A  DO  YA 
#102  Wild Bill Davies #102  Wild Bill Davies .
#103 Larry Young:  "IF" #103   Larry Young: "IF" #115   Candy Dulfer & #115 JoeyD. /Paradisolive



 #115  On Feb 1 a very swinging performance was given in  Amsterdam's Rock Temple      PARADISO during the recording of the NPS TV program "ParadisoLive" centered around the Top Dutch Lady Saxophone player CANDY DULFER. One of her special guests was JOEY DEFRANCESCO and together with her father Hans Dulfer and Boris van der Lek on saxes and veteran Dutch swinger John Engels on drums they played this Hot, Hot version of "UP-UP"!
You can hear why CANDY loves the Hammond HERE (in Dutch)
On the Web:

#114 "A LITTLE DAB A DO YA" now by LEE DORSEY, with some Hammond NEW ORLEANS style, done by ALLEN TOUSSAINT and MARSHALL SEHORN

 #113  A solid Rock Hammond sound by JERRY CORBETTA with SUGAR LOAF in "GREEN EYED LADY" .

 #112   Some Hard Rock Hammond in "SOUTHERN WOMAN" by STYX

 #111   I have never been familiar with KEITH EMERSON's music, but I read a lot about his "style" of playing the Hammond, so I guess this must be him in this clip that I taped from the radio. 
The funny thing is that this was the last track in a night radio program called "Muziek Terwijl U Slaapt" (Music While You Sleep). Well it's quite obvious that you won't be sleeping any more after this.....

 #110 "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose... "
In the series "Rock Classics with High Hammond Content" JANIS JOPLIN with her immortal  posthumous number one hit "ME AND BOBBY McGEE"
KEN PEARSON on the Organ.

 #108 &#109  I like them when they are playing with guitarist JOHN SCOFIELD, as they do on his album "A GO GO", here in the track "HOTTENTOT".
But they can also play in a very subdued and subtle way, as you can hear in the wonderful track "HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL", performed live at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, where they kept the awestricken audience in their spell.

 #106 & #107JOHN MEDESKI, BILLY MARTIN and CHRIS WOOD are 3 guys with very particular ideas about making music. They can play Funk, they can play Jazz, Fusion etc. They are very driven musicians and on top of that they have a good sense of humour, which makes their music attractive for some and awful or fake for others.
I somehow consider them playing in the "SOFT MACHINE" tradition.
Because their album "COMBUSTICATION" has so many different styles I put fragments from 4 tracks into the 2 clips. You can hear "HEY-HEE-HI-HO" , "LATIN SHUFFLE", "EVERY DAY PEOPLE" and in a Pacific mood: "NO KE ANO AHIAHI"

 #104 & #105  Larry Young's final Blue Note album "MOTHERSHIP" was not released until 1980. On this album he is playing with tenor saxophonist Herbert Morgan, Lee Morgan on trumpet and drummer Eddie Gladden. 
You hear the tracks: "TRIP MERCHANT" ( and that's about as free as he gets..) and the Samba "LOVE DROPS".

Much more about Larry Young in the All Music Guide

 #103 A Jazz organ player who is not so easily mentioned as one of the greats, but who  in my opinion definitely is one and deserves to be known much wider, is LARRY YOUNG  aka  KHALID YASIN ABDUL AZIZ who lived from 1940 - 1978. He was also named "The John Coltrane of the Hammond Organ", as opposed to Jimmy Smith, the "Charlie Parker of the Hammond".
IF  he is and why you can hear in these clips, so you can judge for yourself.
I find his style very meditative, but I can imagine if some of you find it a bit too loud for meditation... 
You can also hear Larry Young with John Mc Laughlin and Carlos Santana in track #9 on my Hammond Solos 1 site.
From his album UNITY, which is rated as one of his best comes this track "IF" , with Joe Henderson Tenor-sax, master drummer Elvin Jones and Woody Shaw, Trumpet.

 #102 I just realized that WILD BILL DAVIS is not yet on these pages, so here he is 
LIVE AT COUNT BASIE's in 1966 with "IMPULSIONS".  Wild he is !

 #101  And of course JACK McDUFF can't be missing here also, with "ROCK CANDY"!
This track can be found on several of Jack's CD's. This is the LIVE version.

 #100  Now I have reached the 100th clip I think it's finally time to honour some of the Grandmasters of the Hammond organ, so here is JIMMY SMITH with Kenny Burrell and Grady Tate in "SATIN DOLL".

 #99  Pure C-3 sounds in Derek's own composition "RAGGADY JAZZ".
Derek can be contacted via this e-mail address:

 #98  In "I'M A MAN" you hear both the C-3 and the XMC1.

 #97 On the "Official Hammond Album" from Hammond UK, DEREK AUSTIN , who played with many famous artists, on movie soundtracks and computer games, plays a wide range of Hammond products and he plays the XMC1 Module in this very lively version of 


 #95 & #96  From the TROS radio program Sesjun again comes this live performance by saxophonist Teddy Edwards with the Dutch Jazz group "SWINGMATISM", with RENEE ROOIMANS behind the B-3 playing "MOVIN'IN" and "GOOD GRAVY", Baritone sax sounds good with Hammond as well!
#93 & #94  Two slows by BILL DOGGETT now: "I WISH YOU LOVE" and "LIL' DARLING".
Tracks 91, 92 and 95 are from LP: STUDIO & LIVE SESSIONS, WARNER BROS. 36.009

#91  BILL DOGGETT is paying a tribute to Wild Bill Davis by playing "BLUES FOR JOE" here. Bill stood at the cradle of what was to become "Rock & Roll" together with Lionel Hampton, Bill Haley etc. by playing tunes like ( Let's do the ) Hully Gully, Roly-Poly and this track "HOKUM" at #92 . On Hammond Solos 2 (Track #47) you can hear Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff play Bill Doggett's greatest hit "Honky Tonk" in a Montreux B-3  battle.




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