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(As at June 2005)  

In my family links the Duncan's appear to come from around Fetteresso (also known as Skaterow), a small hamlet close to Stonehaven, 16 miles south of Aberdeen. Many were fishermen and lost their lives at sea. The two Fetteresso graveyards hold many Duncan's. My sister, Sheila, has found many links in this area right up to present family living near Ballater.

The oldest Duncan I have with good records is my great grandfather William Duncan (1858-1937) who married Helen Christie (1859-1906). When reaching back to the Christie link, it appear that the Christies married into the same surname a number of times and the information gets very confused as to who is who. My sister has been trying to work this out with the help of people in Aberdeen and we hope they will get some movement on this before long.

Other family names linked by marriage to the Duncan's are  Baxter, Gunn, Main (and Christie) with strong links in the Footdee area of Aberdeen. (St. Clements Church, Footdee, Aberdeen). Footdee, or 'Fittie' as the locals call it, is at the mouth of the river Dee and harbour, where the population  mostly worked at the fishing and shipbuilding industries or with the  harbour pilots. Grandfather William Duncan (1800) worked with the Shore Porters. Shore Porters is the oldest established business in the World still operating (Established in 1494).

-----------------------------Start of earliest (Christie) family link------------------------------

William Christie (Born 1700) Married Martha Middleton () Child, Andrew Christie (1809-1899)

Andrew Christie (1809-1889) Married Mary Macload (1809-1866) Children, William (1830),  Andrew (1832-1880),
Thomas (1834-1880), Peter (1835-1880), Helen (1838/9), Ann (1840), and Mary (1843).

Helen Christie (1838/9) Married  John Christie. had one child, Helen Christie (1859-1906)

Helen Christie (1859-1906) Married William Duncan (1858-1937)

----------------------------Start of earliest (Duncan) family link-------------------------------

John Duncan, Married Elizabeth George. Had one son William Duncan (1858-1937)

John Duncan. Married Mary Singer (No Dates) Had One child William Duncan (1858-1937)

William Duncan (1858-1937) Married Helen Christie (1859-1906) Children, William Duncan (1800-1946), 

Follow on from photographs, below...............

Great Grandfather William Duncan (1858-1937). Grandfather William Duncan (1800-1946) and Great Grandmother Helen Christie (1859-1906)

Great Grandfather William Duncan. Uncle Bill Duncan (centre) (1906-1963. Grandfather Bill Duncan (back) and Great Grandmother Helen Christie. Photo taken around 1910/11.

Uncle, John Duncan (1908-1963), Grandad, William Duncan (1858-1937), Mother, Jessie Jenkins Duncan (1910-1981), Grandmother, Jessie Jenkins Duncan (1881-1954)), Uncle Alan Duncan (1914-1984), Auntie, Maggie Duncan (1912-1981)  and Uncle William Duncan (1906-1997). Photo taken around 1914/5.

Grandma. Jessie Jenkins Gunn Duncan (1881-1954) and Granddad. William Duncan (1880-1946)

Dad. John Norman Reid (1910-1944) and Mum. Jessie Jenkins Duncan (1910-1981)

Mum & Dad's wedding. At the East & Belmont Church, Aberdeen 1934. Uncle Charles Reid (died 1963), Best Man and Auntie Maggie Gunn Duncan (1912-1981) Bridesmaid

Brother, Alexander Howie Reid (1938) Father, John Norman Reid, (1910-1944), Brother, John Norman Reid (1936), Sister, Sheila Reid (1935), Mother Jessie Jenkins Duncan (1910-1980), Myself, William Duncan Reid (1941)

Any additional information, or corrections, would be most welcome .

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