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The Reids appear to have generated from in and around Marnoch, Banffshire, Scotland. Just north of Huntly and about 40 miles northwest of Aberdeen. We found a good number of Reid's in Marnoch Kirkyard including the complete family of William Reid (1778). We also found links to my Brother John's wife's family 'Knowles' and my wife's family 'Stuart' and it appears a few generations of  these families have met and married members of each family over the years. It has been impossible to this moment to get beyond William Reid (1778) due to lack of records or emigration around that time.

My father was John Norman Reid ( 1910-1944) He married Jessie Jenkins Duncan ( 1910-1981). They had 6 children, Sheila (1935), John (1936), Alex (1938), Elizabeth (1939-1940), William (myself)1941. and Still Born (1942). 

Myself, William Duncan Reid ( b 1941), Married Audrey Stuart (1948 - Dec, 31 2004). We had  five children. Sheila Ann (1967 -1997), Mandy (b 1968), Sarah (b 1971), William (B. 1975) and Emma (b 1979).


The oldest Alexander Reid I have recorded was born in 1778 and died November 4th 1857, at Marnoch, in Banffshire. He was married on the 5th of November 1804 to a Margaret Steven and had two children, Alexander, born 1809 and died June 18th 1881. and George Reid (Abt. 1804). Married twice but lost both wives and two daughters to them at very early ages. the children within a year old. George died in 1881. 

Alexander Reid (1809) is my direct line. He died December 27, 1886 at Little John Street, Aberdeen, He married Betsy (Elizabeth Michie) at Marnoch, on November 4, 1841 and had 8 children, Alexander (b 1842), William (b 1845) , Margarate Cathrine (b 1860). 

Alexander Reid (1842) is my next line of family. He married Ann Towlin (Toulan) who was Irish born, on April 24, 1863. They had 4 children, John (b September 27, 1869 d  April 4, 1925), William (b June 15, 1867), Charles (b December 15,th 1871), Alex (b March 9, 1873), Mary Michie Reid (b February 21, 1875. Alexander (1873) married Ellen (Unknown) and had a daughter Ann Reid (b Abt. 1887). 

John Reid (1867) My grandfather, He married  Elizabeth Smith (1878-1955) and had 5 children. James (1889-1925) , John (1910 -1944), Barbara, Charles (d 1963) , Elizabeth and William. 

My father was John Norman Reid ( 1910 - 1944) He married Jessie Jenkins Duncan (1910 - 1980). They had 6 children, Sheila (1935), John (1936), Alex (1938), Elizabeth (1939-1940), William (myself 1941) and Still Born (1942). 

Grandmother Elizabeth Smith 1878 - 1955
There are no photos available of Grandfather John Norman Reid 1867-1926

After my father died in 1944 Grandma Reid visited us every Wednesday evening, almost without fail. She was a spritely lady with a keen sense of humour. My fond memories are that she always handed me the currents from her bun at tea time, quite a treat when you are 4 or 5. Then one Christmas when she gave me a 'metal' model locomotive, with rubber wheels, of the Coronation Scot Class (Did she see the future for me!). Christmas presents in those days was usually little more than some fruit and sweets. And later, of always seeing her to the tram and kissing her goodbye and weaving until the tram set off for the town. When I grew more independent I would seldom pass up the opportunity of dropping in to see her, first in Young Street then later at St. Andrews Street and right up to the time of her death.

Dad. John Norman Reid ( 1910-1944) and Mum. Jessie Jenkins Duncan (1910-1980)

Mum & Dad's wedding. At the East & Belmont Church, Aberdeen 1935
(Uncle) Charles Reid. Best Man & (Auntie) Maggie Gunn Duncan. Bridesmaid.
The East & Belmont church no longer exists except for the spire and part of the lower buildings used as a pub and restaurant.

Uncle Charlie worked at Forbes the tailor, at the corner of Queen Street and Great Northern Road, Woodside, Aberdeen, where we got most of our clothes when growing up. I have fond memories of going there and of Uncle Charlie, who always treated me with the greatest respect. Lloyds TSB bank stands at this spot today. Charlie, who was divorced lived with his mother in St. Andrews Street and up to his death. He had a daughter, Barbara who emigrated to Canada in the late 50's.

Auntie Maggie (1912-1982) married Jackie Geddes (1912-1965) in Aberdeen and had a son and daughter, Edward Geddes (1941-198!) and Maureen Geddes (). The family moved to Corby, Northamptonshire, England for employment at the Steel Works, in the 50's. Uncle Jackie was in the Desert Rats and died in Corby in 1965. Aunt Maggie, who married again, died in Corby in 1982. Edward (Teddy) also died in 198!. Maureen was widowed quite young. We have lost touch since the death of her mother.

Sheila, John, Mum & Alex .  Mum, Sheila and Dad (1936)

Brother, Alexander Howie Reid (1938) Farther, John Norman Reid, (1910-1944), Brother,
John Norman Reid (1936), Sister, Sheila Reid (1935), Mother, Jessie Jenkins Duncan (1910-1980),
Myself, William Duncan Reid (1941).

Any additional information would be most welcome.

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