(25th AUGUST 2012) Includes a short video.

I had another visit to the High Peak Trail and also took in a visit to the Steeple House Railway. I arrived a good hour before opening time but was pleased to have an
invite bythe staff to join them in their shuntingduties up to the Carriage shed, which is built into a small quarry. Below are the photos  and video clip taken during the shunting moves.....

'Peter' Battery operated loco.                                                                                                      Start of walk up the quarry line to the carriage shed, which is at Dark Lane Quarry site.

Rear of loco shed with it's traverser.                                                                                                      'Peter' preceded us to the carriage shed.

A walk through the tunnel

Killer's (Middleton) quarry branch. Between Steeplehouse Jctn and Tunnel (Northwards). 1967. John Marshall. N.B. The line was to Standard Guage.

Alost at the carriage shed.

Plans are in hand to etend the line up to Middleton quarry site. There appears to be plenty bf spare rail available.

A Dark Lane Quarry wagon.                                                                                                           At the three road carriage shed.

The track  going off to the end of the line. There is a small halt just up ahead, which is handy for the recreational grounds nearby.

Work starts to shunt and build up the two trains for the days' services.


Horwich joins in to assist in the shunting and to form it's own train.

Peter is joined by aother battery electric locomotive.

Interesting pointwork sections.                                                                                                       Horwich awaits further shunt duties.

The vehicles are manually pushed up to the locomotives.                                                                An old quarry vehicle at the head shunt of Dark Lane quarry.

Rails, and almost the boggies and wagon are lost in the overgrowth.

The train is growing, in locomotives, at least.

A diese/petro! loco is now attached to the other two battery locos.

Riding on the completed train and passing an old box van as we arrive at the loco shed and station site.

'Greenbat'. Controls and opeating working instructions to the driver(s).


Photos from the trips over the two quarry branch

After arrival back at the station end and having some refershents from the small shop I enjoyed a trip over the two branches. First on the longer branch to Middleton,
with Horwich in charge then on the short branch with Peter at the head.

Level crossing at the access road to the quarry. The flagman goes to check that the road is clear and then gives the driver a green flag to cross the road
andgo qietly  up to the stop block. This is the end of the line for the moment but there are plans to extend the line further into the quarry.

Dogs also enjoy the trip back to Steeplehouse.

Half way. Recreational Halt, as the name indicates leads to the grounds close by.


Trip along the short quarry branch

Peter at the stop blocks at the quarry end.


While high up in the Dales it is interesting to find fosciles in the stones that have been cut.

Iron sulphite seeps out of the rocks giving a red colour to the otherwise gray quarry stone.

Cut stone lays in piles. Not only showing the amount of work that took place here but of the terrible waste of workmanship in that these stones
have never been used for anything.

I find it sad that so much labour had gone into cutting these stones and for no worthwhile reason whatsoever.

My thanks to the railway staff who kindly invited me to join them during the shunting work. Their kindness realy made my visit worthwhile.


Video From 26th August 2012 Visit

Steeple House Railway web site



My Thanks To.....

John Neave for his kind permission to use a number of his 1960's photographs when the railway was still in operation. Check out John's ''Going Loco'', which includes a C&HPR history. At....

Mark Norton for the use of 1940's photos by his late father Dennis J. D. Norton.

John Evens for the fantastic colour photos taken in April 1967 just prior to the line closing. John's photos can be viewed on Flickr under JodrelAviator.

Reading: "The Cromford & High Peak Railway" by John Marshall. Published by Martin Bairstow. Printed by The Amedeus Press 2011

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