1928 Dedication Concert

The Charles H. Ayars WurliTzer Pipe Organ, Installed 1928

The following information is from a newspaper article (Salem Standard and Jerseyman, 1928)

    This article states that about 50 members of the Ayars family were present for the dedication concert. The organists were Mrs. Elsie Smith Glaspey, of Salem, and an artist from the R. Wurlitzer Company. All were pleased with the tone and facility of control of the instrument.

The organ has two consoles, one to be played by hand, the other by rolls like a player piano. The rolls control the key action, registration and swell to give exact shades of expression used by the artist who played for the roll. A room was added on the north side of the house to contain the pipes of the organ. The automated console is in the reception hall, while the manual horseshoe console is in the living room. Both are finished in beautiful mahogany.

"The organ has two manuals and pedal, with electro-pneumatic action. The manuals are planned as "solo" and "accompaniment" as in a moving picture organ. The stops on the solo and organ are: sixteen-foot oboe, viola, vox humana; eight-foot diapason, tibia clausa, oboe, salacional, flute, vox humana; four-foot piccolo, salicet, flute, vox humana and a chrysoglott stop which gives a beautiful harp effect. The stops on the Accompaniment organ are eight-foot open diapason, oboe, tibia clausa, salacional, flute and vox humana; and four-foot piccolo, salicet flute and the chrysoglott. The pedal stops are sixteen-foot bourdon and eight-foot diapason, cello, and flute. The blower and low frequency generator for the operation of the instrument are in a chamber sunken under ground outside the house."

The organ was completed by two men from the Wurlitzer factory in Philadelphia just in time for Mr. Ayars birthday which is August 18.

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