August 16, 1928 Recital on

The Charles H. Ayars WurliTzer Pipe Organ, Installed 1928

The following article is quoted from the Salem Standard and Jerseyman of August 15, 1928, Page 1

"Tomorrow evening Mr. and Mrs. Ayars will have a recital at their home on Eighth Street, a handsome Wurlitzer organ that has just been installed. The immediate members of their families will be the guests. The Wurlitzer organ of this type is something entirely new in this section and, in fact, the first to be placed in a residence. It is really a theatre organ equipped for a home. The instrument is of mahogany and was made in Tonawanda, New York, and purchased through a Philadelphia agency, and two men have been in Salem for several days erecting it.

Mr. Ayars had an addition built at his home to house the working parts, all of which are operated by electricity. The console is in one part of the living room and the player attachment, which resembles an upright piano, is in another part. To change over from the console to the player one has just to press a button. The organ is equipped with many units, such as a harp, clarinet, cornet, oboe, flute, banjo, etc. The grill through which the sounds are produced is of white enamel and covered with the most attractive draperies from VanSciver's, made especially for Mr. and Mrs. Ayars.

Tomorrow evening Mrs. Elsie Smith Glaspey will be at the console to render some selections and the Wurlitzer Company will send to Salem some artists to round out a most enjoyable program."

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