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2/11 WurliTzer Opus rj6
    This 2/11 WurliTzer Opus rj6 was installed in 1928 in
the Salem, New Jersey home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ayars.

    Mr. Ayars, an inventor and businessman who held over 100 patents,
never played the organ but according to the organ's present owner, Mrs. Ayars played it.
    Newspaper articles about this 2/11 WurliTzer (click below to read them)
refer to Mr. and Mrs. Ayars singing for their guests and bringing in
professional musicians to play the pipe organ for them.
1928 Dedication Concert
August 15, 1928 Recital on the 2/11
1928 Party for potential purchasers of a similar WurliTzer

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