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    The mahogany horseshoe console in the living room has two manuals, "solo" and "accompaniment", and the original WurliTzer pedal board and bench.

It is controlled with electro-pneumatic action. For example, one has only to
press a button on the console to change over to the Player Console

Pedal stoptabs: sixteen-foot bourdon and eight-foot diapason, cello, and flute.

Accompaniment manual stoptabs: eight-foot open diapason, oboe, tibia clausa, salacional, flute, vox humana, four-foot piccolo, salicet, flute, chrysoglott, chimes

Solo manual stoptabs: sixteen-foot oboe, viola, vox humana, eight-foot diapason, tibia clausa, oboe, salacional, flute, vox humana, four-foot piccolo, salicet, flute, vox humana, chrysoglott/harp

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